Kazaa and spyware!

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    PC World is great for picking up some of these protection programs. As has been mentioned Spy Bot is great for ferreting out spyware and I use Pop Up Stopper to block the pop up banners. I also nabbed zone alarm as just a generic firewall. I got them all from PC World. They've also got some great articles (like how to tweak Windows).


  • plmkrzy

    This thread should be bookmarked for future reference. I'm sure I will be needing to come back to it for a link or something.

    I am afraid to download anything anymore from anywhere.

    Can someone put up a link in this thread to "the official" kaaza lite site?

    This PC is being handed down to my son shortly and he will want to download it again I'm sure.

    I am content to just use music Match Juke Box with the "plus" advantages. It isn't free but it hasn't contaminated my PC either.

    My son has more extravagant taste though and wants more then what Music Match has to offer.


  • drwtsn32


    Free download called Spybot...IT guy at work said it was good....and so far so good.

    Good luck!


  • plmkrzy

    drwtsn32 Thanks!

  • ignored_one

    I use WinMX www.winmx.com


    EDonkey www.edonkey2000.com

    Ignored One.

  • caligirl

    We installed a cable modem and the second it went active, I had pop ups showing up all the time. I activated the firewall, and those pretty much stopped. I also downloaded Spybot based on an article I read, and I run that about once per week to erase cookies and check my system for spyware. Seems to have solved the problem between the two.

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