GDPR: Get your data from the UK Branch now, before 25-May-2018

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  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Get your data from the UK Branch now, before GDPR kicks in on 25-May-2018. Use this free template letter, which has been tried and tested. Under UK law they can (and will) delay their reply if you miss out any of the important points in the template letter - for example they are allowed to ask for "costs" from you (£10 is an established fee in the data industry), or if you fail to prove your identity by means of passport or driver's license. This template hits them where it hurts, and forces them to hand over your data within 40 days - no messing around, in one hit! (Can also be used to extract juicy data from "local charities" - your local Kingdom Hall)

    Download PDF here

    Thumbnail of letter:

    [If you have any questions, or need help, then please ask for assistance]

  • Spiral

    Watching the news on the GDPR with interest from the US. Great letter!

    Question, does the org keep publisher records using any sort of ID number (such as a social security number like we have in the US). If so, can a person find out what their ID number is, or under what name(s) the org has their records stored? There could be records under more than one name, and the org (or any other organization for that matter) could have bits of data on one person scattered across differently named files (I'm thinking).

  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Actually, under existing UK law they're already on slippery legal ground holding info at local congregation level. In the UK any organisation holding data needs to be registered. Presently service reports are only kept in written form, with your name | address | DOB | email | phone | role [pioneer/servant/elder] | "mental state" (sorry, their definition is "O/S or Anointed?"). They already have the database for storing all of this online, which is clearly where this is heading...rapidly.

    In the UK, only "IBSA" International Bible Students Association (setup in 1914 as the UK arm of Watchtower) is legally registered to store your data. Here's the UK government listing for IBSA:

    Interesting what they publish (don't hide) that they hold on individuals: (extracts from above link)

    • We process information relevant to the above reasons/purposes. This may include:
    • personal details
    • family details
    • lifestyle and social circumstances
    • membership details
    • goods and services
    • financial details
    • education and employment details
    • visual images, personal appearance and behaviour

      ...and they even boldly admit:

      We also process sensitive classes of information that may include:
      • physical or mental health details
      • racial or ethnic origin
      • religious or other beliefs of a similar nature
      • offences and alleged offences
      • criminal proceedings, outcomes and sentences
      • trade union membership

      ...and they already admit that they share that with basically whoever they like:

      Where necessary or required we share information with:
      • members
      • family, associates or representatives of the person whose personal data we are processing
      • employees
      • current, past and prospective employers
      • healthcare, social and welfare organisations
      • providers of goods and services
      • educator and examining bodies
      • financial organisations
      • employment and recruitment agencies
      • survey and research organisations
      • business associates and professional advisers
      • police forces
      • local and central government
      • other companies in the same group as the data controller
      • other voluntary and charitable organisations

      Can you imagine what dark data-world they'll now create once they get everyone to sign their new GDPR forms?

    • jp1692

      This religion just keeps getting weirder by the day. Any illusions of them "reforming" and becoming a "kinder, gentler, more moderate religion" are just that, illusions.

    • Anders Andersen
      Anders Andersen

      Why the rush? Under GDPR it is still mandatory for organizations to provide (at no cost) a copy of any and all data they have collected about a person...

      It appears to be more strict for organizations than the DPA is?

    • purrpurr

      I'd like to know if anyone has actually succeeded in this or wether it's just been shunted to the local elders and then they come a knocking to counsel you??

    • Fay Dehr
      Fay Dehr

      Because after 25-May-2018 their GDPR policy claims it will infringe their religion to delete your data. Get it now, and delete it, before they start whimpering about you infringing their religion.

      Plus, as a bonus, wouldn't it be interesting if so many requested their data that they failed to reply to someone within the 40 day limit - and got reported to the ICO?

    • purrpurr

      Yes that would be great for those who are pomo but for us pimo peeps we are basically making our apostate views obvious to the Borg by doing this. No pimi jw would ever do this, they would be to concerned with towing the line.

    • Lost in the fog
      Lost in the fog


      What if you began your letter with a sentence along the lines of "one of our congregation elders has encouraged me to make this request from you."

      This way pimo people would appear to be acting on a request from within the congregation and not off their own bat.

    • oppostate

      Good one, Purrpurr.

      Blame it on the hounders!

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