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    April 15, 2003 WT page 17

    WT quotes will be in red

    Reviewer comments will be in black or parentheses


    Hebrews 6:10

    (Notice the whole scripture says)


    For God is not unrighteous so as to forget YOUR work and the love YOU showed for his name, in that YOU have ministered to the holy ones and continue ministering

    It is noteworthy that the WTS uses only a snippet in the title that highlights "work" not "love" as being what God will not forget. God will not forget is true and he doesn’t need little time slips every month.

    Have you ever performed a kind deed for a friend and then received no expression of thanks?

    Yes, all during my tenure as a JW. When you cleaned the hall, mowed the lawn, planted flowers, picked up Sister Elderly when it meant it took you 45 minutes longer to get ready for meeting, did the elders come up and thank you personally for the good job. Oh, yes, once and awhile a brother would stand up on the platform and say, "The body of elders thanks all of you brothers (supposedly inclusive of sisters) for all the things you do." That way they don’t have to remember your name, what you look like, and specifically what you did.

    You have a special opportunity to worship and serve this grateful God. Since there are only about six million of your fellow believers compared with some six billion people worldwide, your privilege is a rare one indeed.

    Yes, there are only 6 million people on earth with the "privilege" of serving God. This implies that the other 5,994,000,000 people do not have the "privilege" of serving God and all the means regarding survival through God’s destruction of the "wicked."


    Admittedly, at times it may seem that worship of Jehovah restricts your freedom…Ultimately, though, whatever Jehovah (the WTS) asks of you is for your benefit.

    Remember that the WTS views itself as the only true earthly channel to God so what they say is what Jehovah says. Don’t buy into that. Make sure the Bible clearly supports everything or it is not from God but from humans.

    Jehovah "becomes the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him."

    Once again, it is what we get from God that matters and motivates, not upholding God’s sovereignty. There is hardly a study article that doesn’t bring this out along with life on a paradise earth.

    "Jehovah…in behalf of those whose heart is complete toward him."

    And who can discern if the heart is complete? Certainly not the elders or any human. Don’t let the elders tell you they can read your heart.

    1/1/95 WT p 30
    Perhaps, during a judicial hearing, the elders will perceive a marked change in his heart condition as reflected in a repentant bearing and attitude.

    But how does that statement harmonize with these other WT statements

    7/15/01 WT p 23
    Jesus…As a perfect man with special God-given insight, he could read hearts.
    Unlike Jesus, we lack the ability to read hearts.

    7/15/00 p 23
    Jehovah, am searching the heart, examining the kidneys, even to give to each one according to his ways, according to the fruitage of his dealings." (Jeremiah 17:10) Jehovah can accurately read a person’s heart. We cannot.

    1/15/99 WT pp. 23-24
    Since you (including elders) cannot read the heart
    , it is especially important not to judge the motives of the one you counsel. He may be innocent of any bad motive and unaware of any wrong attitude or actions

    One of the finest ways you can show that your heart is complete toward Jehovah is to talk to others about him.

    Yes, and don’t forget to turn in those time slips.

    What if they laugh at me?

    This does not mean, however, that you are doomed to a life of ridicule and rejection.

    Now, first, let me say, I grew up in a partly JW family, my mother was a JW and took me and my siblings to the meetings intermittently. I know what it is like to be declaring my religious standing at school. So I didn’t, unless it came up. I clued the teachers in. I didn’t like being different any more than any child. I have to admit that standing up for what I thought was the right thing to do with knowledge and tact did make me more friends than enemies. Maybe it was because I grew up in the rebellious 60’s and 70’s. So if you are trying to live a double life, you may attract friends at school who are not trustworthy, who hide what they are. The best thing to do is figure out what you do believe and live it at school. Don’t let your parents bully you. Stand up for what you believe even if it isn’t JW dogma.


    Say a quick prayer.

    Is God real to you?

    Now is a good time to find out. Don’t rely on the WTS publications, read your Bible (at least 3 translations).


    The WTS in this section has young people ready to make a defense only with WTS publications. I could not find one example where the Bible was used or mentioned in these "opportunities to witness" at school except in a picture caption:

    Some youths when reading the Bible or a Bible-based publication during recess have been approached by other youths who have asked questions.

    The real question is: Can they give a Bible-based answer without a publication as a crutch?


    Yes books and magazines are not enough. Now videos are a quick, effortless, no brain necessary way to get across the WTS dogma.

    Two 15-year-old boys did a report on the history of one of the world’s religions. Their only source of information, the Proclaimers book. My history teacher would have had us use at least 2 other sources to make sure it was less biased.

    The result: many questions but no bible studies started.

    You have something that your peers sorely need—the best way of life now and the promise of everlasting life for the future.

    Yes, the WTS did not forget to mention everlasting life, the carrot for young people. No mention of vindicating God’s sovereignty.

    Interestingly, in the United States—where you (the WTS) might think that people in general are apathetic or secular-minded—one poll revealed that fully half of the youths take religion very seriously, and a third say that religious faith is "the most important influence" in their life.

    So young people aren’t so bad after all in spite of previous demonizing statements in the WT. First, stay away, bad association, then the WTS says:

    It may well be, then, that your peers at school would be glad to listen to what you have to say about the Bible (really about WTS publications).



    Take time to read the Bible and Bible-based publications…improve as to preparing for congregation meetings this coming week. Your next goal could be to participate by offering a brief but heartfelt comment…put into practice the things you learn (although you do not see the adults doing the same).

    Where are the opportunities to "show love" in these "suggestions."

    And in the end, the real motivator is:

    You too can be confident that Jehovah will reward you.

    (I guess vindicating God’s sovereignty doesn’t attract that many young people.)


  • rocketman

    Well done Blondie.

    I often wondered what really happened in regard to related experiences. For example, you mentioned that the kids asked many questions, but evidently the article does not mention a single Bible Study being started.

    Also, the publications, as you mentioned, are really the main witnessing tool they use. In fact, many of their youths would not fare well using only the Bible.

    The carrot will continue to be held out for young people, so that they hopefully will, from the jw standpoint, give up various educational and career opportunities in order to pursue this "work", which, as you point out, is almost always valued above showing love.

  • Gadget

    In my family the elders always remembered when we done something to help the older ones. They remembered us when they had someone else that needed help so they could pass the buck to someone already rushed of their feet doing thing for others. My mother is exausted because she gets a bad conscience if she tells the elders she needs help in caring for some of the elderly ones. Even though the elders notice this shes always the first one they approach if there is something else needing done.

  • Gopher

    Hey Blondie,

    They really did a "job" with this article didn't they? Even the very title is ironic -- they are admitting to using child labor for their worldwide publishing corporation. And the average reader of this article doesn't even seem to care.

    I grew up as a JW, and I too remember that it was very embarrassing to admit being different. But the thing is that they (the articles and meeting parts) "shamed" you if you were afraid to witness. They're pretty good at piling on guilt, even onto young ones.

    "This doesn't mean that you're doomed to a life of ridicule and rejection."

    The fact that they even brought that up shows it's a very common fear among JW youths. And in fact that fear does have some basis in reality.

    They are training the young dubs to invite ridicule and rejection by their participation in this doomsday-preaching work.

  • xjw_b12

    Thanks Again Blondie. I always look forward to this regular thread

  • Pistoff

    Insightful as always blondie............

    Pistoff, of the hoping we can convince blondie to keep doing the WT review class...........

  • blondie


    many of their youths would not fare well using only the Bible.

    I can speak from many years of experience of working in the ministry with young people besides being a young person (long ago but I can still remember). I was appalled how teenagers could not find a basic scripture in response to a simple question. Part of this is due to no family "Bible" study. Nowadays even adults are only studying the publications.

    Part is due to the change in the educational system in general. I am an older student returning to the college scene and I am amazed at the lack of reasoning skills and critical thinking ability of many of my fellow students 30 years younger. I attend study groups and leave amazed at the skills they need to quickly learn. They want multiple choice questions rather than having to write a paper or an essay.

    Hi Gadget,

    Welcome to my review and JWD. Just a suggestion about your mom, bypass the elder step. She should just approach a couple of people (sisters/brothers) she knows are most likely to give her a hand and are reliable, maybe with some specific times in mind. Also, she needs to have those names in mind when the elders approach her, "I know Sister Sitsonherhands and SisterRetiredandisn’tpioneering would love to help with that. I’m all booked up handling SisterGrouchy and SisterUnthankful." Then keep walking. She has to learn to "leave it in Jehovah’s hands" and trust in his ability to provide. (I’m not personally serious about that but as a JW it should work for your mom.)

    Thanks for stopping by.


    "This doesn't mean that you're doomed to a life of ridicule and rejection."

    Actually I thought later that if a younger person stays with the WTS, they will be doomed to a life of ridicule and rejection, being ridiculed and rejected by the WTS!

    Hi xjw_b12,

    How goes it in Ontario? Do you feel any older?

    Hey pistoff,

    Well, if I can get some current magazines……..(have nothing after May 1 issue)


  • Gadget

    Hi Blondie,

    Do you do this every week? What did you think of the 27/4/03 study, "How does jehovah view the shortcomings of his faithful servants?", and the 4/5/03 study, "What have you learned about the way Jehovah reveals new light?"

    If you want newer magazines I can get them, but shpping may be a problem. Would probably be easier to scan and email the study articles if you want them.

  • blondie



    If you can do that without taking a big chunk out of your life, Gadget, that would be terrific.

    Email to:


  • jgnat

    Wow, Blondie, you are still picking up fans! Excellent comments as usual. I have only a few notes from this week, I am having too much fun gardening and babysitting my granddaughter.

    Reading the full account of Naaman's healing was fun. (2 Kings Chapter 5) My JW honey could not make sense of the reference in the magazine until I explained the whole story to him. I find it interesting that Naaman received special permission to go in to the temple of foreign gods. Perhaps a humble man, strong in his faith, cannot be swayed - even if he walks in to a strange church.

    I wonder how the JW writer managed to choke this out: Remember as a Christian youth (oops, they mean JW youth. Christendom's youth are slated for destruction) you have something that your peers sorely need - the best way of life now and the promise of everlasting life for the future. para. 15

    The JW youth I have met are stuck in a painful warp of cultures. Either they obey the WT directive to the letter and thereby suffer social isolation by their peers, or live a double life, socially acceptable both at home and at school. As JW kids are raised to never rock the boat, no wonder so many pick the double life. A weird consequence of this is that many of their so-called "worldly" peers, who act the same wherever they go, behave better than they do!

    para. 16..his commandments are not burdensome (1 John 5:3). Turn this around. If JW youth are overburdened with rules, perhaps the rules are pharaiacal rather than Godly in origin.

    ...participate by offering a brief but heartfelt comment. para 17. But living in an organization that brooks no criticism, JW youth know that only one response is desired, a positive one. If a child's heartfelt response is "I've had enough! Give me a break already!" who can he tell?

    Ignored in the article of course, are the energetic activities of Christendom's youth, who might account for a good number of religion-minded youth in the US. Let's not forget video production, though Christendom tends to concentrate on straight bible accounts, such as the Jesus Video project.

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