No careers in this cheapskate organization

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  • eyeslice2

    If you go to, you can download the program for 2019 Convention.

    What I notice is that nowadays there is no meeting for ones wishing to serve at Bethel or for those interested in Gilead missionary school. Rather, there is just a meeting for those interested in 'The School for Kingdom Evangelizers'.

    Two things strike me about this. First, although there was once a big play on Bethel and Gilead being held out as career options, this is now just about dead and buried. Bethels have been downsized, and the society just wants to cherry pick what skills they need, often on a temporary basis. Gilead is not a school for the average pioneer to aspire to, its a school to train died in wool company men who are likely to be needed as troubleshooter and enforcers for the organization at some point.

    It's all really cheapskate. The Society has no commitment, financially or otherwise to training and mentoring individuals for the work it needs doing. Sure, 'The School for Kingdom Evangelizers' sounds good on paper but think about it. You have to have struggled on for years as a pioneer, totally funding yourself. If you get invited, you are expected to make your own way there, and stay with brothers and sisters in the local congregation - at the their costs. Then suppose your are assigned to somewhere there is a 'need', are there any re-location costs? I think not.

    Still young ones are encouraged not to pursue 'worldly' careers but rather take up the full time service. Great choice, an occupation leading nowhere, with nothing to show in 40 years time.

  • blondie

    Very good insight, eyeslice2. The WTS is distancing themselves more and more from cash flowing out from headquarters. Let the local jw pay the bill (but then would they have any money to give to the WTS after that?)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    a full time waste of time.

  • blondie

    I knew a couple that applied and were accepted to Bethel. Husband not a born in, but wife 4thgen jw. After just 1 year they returned, disillusioned with the Bethel privilege. Stayed in but never the same after. The blinders were off. I have noticed that many ex-jws who had been at Bethel, first saw clearly the hypocrisy of the WT organization. Perhaps because they concluded that the problems they saw were only local, until they saw they were international.

  • waton
    Still young ones are encouraged not to pursue 'worldly' careers but rather take up the full time service

    es2, right. In the congregations there is training of workers for the "show them the website work"

    Dumbed down training on the platform. Years of bible readings only, (with no comment) for brothers that might be in the debating club in high school. Demonstrations for brothers too. so,

    Love never fails, but wt fails it's " listen obey and be blessed" young.

  • sir82

    Even when they were actively recruiting for Gilead & Bethel, I'd hardly call those "careers".

  • WTWizard

    I hope no one goes to these wastes of time and money. I would rather see someone solving our problems, not wasting our time pious-sneering and then wasting more time on this so joke-hova can impose its "solution". Which is to enslave the whole world.

  • Spiral

    The bOrg is offering less and less to the publishers, and now there is even less to look forward to (if that's what you'd call it). Nothing at all for sisters. Any "privilege" you get to do (like help at a KH reno or pioneering) is at your own expense. When I was a child a lot of people wanted to go to Bethel, Gilead, special pioneer, etc. It seemed like a real thing to strive for, and people felt strongly about it.

    It does seem to me that JW Corporation Central is actually distancing themselves from their membership. I'm just looking from the outside in these days, but I have noticed that everything is just a faded copy of what it once was, when service involved bible knowledge and printed literature. Everyone knew the doctrines and they were very specific (if crazy), and there was definitely an emotional connection perceived between NY Bethel and Joe Publisher.

    Now everything is just watered down. The midweek meeting is a big, boring mess that accomplishes nothing. Same for the WT study. A lot of doctrines about prophecies are watered down or ignored since they didn't come true. No one understands that overlapping generation mess.

    I agree the WT really doesn't offer anything, given how much money they ask for.

  • Magnum

    It just doesn't make sense that this is the case since we are supposedly at the verge of the end of "this system". Seems as though the preaching work should be getting stronger, schools and enrollment growing, outflow of cash increasing, etc. However, opposite is occurring.

    Blondie, I agree; the org is distancing itself more and from outflow of cash.

  • smiddy3

    Was there ever really a career in the WT organization where you got a secure future in your retirement ?

    Only unless you were one of the very few males that became a Governing Body member .

    Nobody else.Ever.

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