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  • seedy3
    However, congregations have never been instructed to disfellowship those who voluntarily take blood transfusions or approve them.

    What a pack of lies, I have known of instances that they have been DF'd for this. SHEESH............. idiots.


  • seedy3

    Oh wait............. I just noticed the date of that WT, it is true they didn't start DF'ing people for it until the 60's


  • DJ

    Poor Shunned Father.. his wife, I wish she read that. It may have made a difference to her and for Bethany. WT you will pay.

  • cruzanheart

    Well, that explains something for me. Around 1960 or 1961, before my grandmother died, she was very ill with cancer and cirrhosis (did I spell that right?) of the liver, and the doctors recommended a blood transfusion. Now, my mother, who heroically refused a blood transfusion for herself when I was born, and had to switch hospitals, have four doctors in attendance, etc., not only allowed my grandmother to have a blood transfusion BUT, according to my dad, made HIM go pick up the blood from the blood bank and take it to the hospital! And he was a servant at the time. My dad told me about that just last year, in a drunken moment, and it just blew me away. Somehow I don't think anyone in their congregation knew about it . . . .


  • minimus

    Did you know that if your pet had to have a blood transfusion, you couldn't give it one??

  • gitasatsangha

    that rare period of hope between the end of the vaccination ban and the beginning of the blood ban.

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