Dodgy Disassociation

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  • Rainmakerone

    hi guys

    here's a little story: i have been purposely inactive for about 3 years, i just moved town and ceased all JW activities. one day a few months back, two witness called and my girlfriend said i was an ex JW. they were polite and encouraged me to return to the org. they returned a few times and the conversations got more and more heated. after their last visit i got a call from my JW cousin (who is very liberal and cool) and said that i had been Disassociated. an announcement was made in my parents cong, one that i had not been in for over 7 years. i have been in 4 different congs since then. i had no meetings, no judicial meeting, no nothing......

    wierd huh?

  • cruzanheart

    Well, you're welcome here! I think if you go back and read some of the old posts you'll find others who were just as surprised as you to find out they'd been disfellowshipped or announced as disassociated.

    Welcome to the forum!


  • Gwydion

    When I left the Borg there were no meetings or even announcements. I slowly drifted away and then abruptly moved 1200 miles away and never went back. After my Parents left some four years later I asked my mom what they did after I left thinking they might have made an announcement that I was disassociated or something, but she claims they never said a word. So basically I just fell off the JW map. That was eight years ago.

  • shamus

    Weird, eh?

    That's okay - what can you do about it? Nothing. I personally don't tell anyone around me that I'm ex-jw. They are none the wiser, and I don't care what my status is at this point. Just recently, I was worried about it, but seem to care less and less.

    Just a question - did you actually talk to the witness ladies????

  • Rainmakerone

    hi all

    and yeah shamus, i talked to them. was two guys actually, one an obvious elder, a real service commitee guy probably the p.o. or the service overseer and the other was a creepy ms type or perhaps a new young elder. they spent quite a few hours on me and i said that if they spent more time with thier families they might have kids that went to the meetings.

  • SixofNine

    they spent quite a few hours on me and i said that if they spent more time with thier families they might have kids that went to the meetings.

    lol. I guess they showed you, eh?

  • shamus

    Well, that explains it... yeah, I guess he showed you after all.....

    Why don't you send him a nice letter or something, telling him how much of an A**hole he is...

  • Rainmakerone

    it was really funny in the end. i'm an ex bethel boy and was a long time pioneer and they had a hard time eqauting that with my appearance, shaved head beard and tatoos lol. i kept grabbing their bible and flipping around reading them heaps of scriptures. they hated being told that they couldnt tell me anything i didnt already know, that i'd done what they were doing a million times. if i was pasive i guess they would just have let me fade away, but i gave the governing body a big serve and they started freaking out and getting angry.

  • shamus

    Yeah, and look at what they did to get back at you... disassosiated you. I wonder what goes through their heads, like, "ooh, that guy! I'm going to get him DA'd now... he's messin' with Mr. ELDER FREAK.... "

    He probably went home and beat his animals, when you got him upset. I personally wouldn't let the freak in my house.... ever.

    You were a bethel boy??? wooooo! I bet you got some stories.....

  • Rainmakerone

    u bet i got some stories but even better i have loads of photos of drunken evenings, "nice" bethel boys drinking jack daniels straight from the bottle and cupboards full of empty beercans, people lying half drunk all over the place. i saw punchups and screaming matches and major depression and guys crying thier hearts out at night. was a real experience i can tell u .... i only lasted a year lol

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