Saturday Morning Vibes

by freemindfade 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • millie210

    I love reading all the comments and have savored Saturdays just like the ones you are all describing.

    As I sit here on this sunny Sunday morning, I just wanted to add that this thread applies to Sundays also, doesnt it?

  • freemindfade
    Yes it does apply to Sundays too! I think Saturday is especially sweet though. Its that first day of the weekend and honestly sitting through a brain dead meeting is bad, field service is worse.
  • WTWizard
    Instead of attending the boasting session, I just ordered another roll of silver quarters. Which is going to add to my stash--instead of relying on joke-hova. They are not getting any of it--if they claim to need the silver, I will simply tell them to trust in joke-hova to supply it since that thing supposedly is the source of all wealth. Plus, I do not have to sit through the poverty working that is going on at the boasting session.
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    Sunday mornings are for pancakes followed by walking on the beach with Mr. Sail Away and Emma (stage left;). Salt, sea and sand are a whole lot better than a lifeless KH any day of the week!

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