To whom belongs all the Watchtower's wealth?

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  • JH

    I know this won't happen, but who would get all the money and the buildings and the lots, if the Watchtower Society would close down?

    How many people would benefit from this?

    Are there any figures on how much wealth the Watchtower has accumulated over the years? If we count the money, the buildings, every kingdom hall around the world, and everything they possess, what would it amount to? Are there any figures on how much they own?

  • blondie

    I supposed it is run like most corporations. There are stockholders who meet in around the beginning of October each year at the Annual Meeting, to go through the motions of voting. There are laws that regulate corporations and protect the assets. I am not an expert in this but I am sure that there are illegal ways to run off with assets, look at the example of some large corporations recently.


  • Gerard

    Is there any scriptural reason why the officers of the WTBTS of
    Pennsylvania have to be anointed? Not really. There are about 100 other
    legal entities associated with the WTBTS of Pennsylvania
    , whose officers
    are not anointed. They are legal instruments, under the direction of the
    GB, designed to make Jehovah's name known worldwide. However, they are
    not necessary to carry on the work, as has been demonstrated in many
    lands where the work has been banned.

    Members of the other sheep are called on help with the work, enabling the
    GB to focus exclusively on spiritual matters.

    Talk by Ted Jaracz: Began by discussing how congregation elders and
    ministerial servants are not elected, rather the qualifications are set
    out in the scriptures. Holy spirit, in various ways, plays a vital role
    in theocratic appointments. Theocratic appointments at all levels are
    made directly or indirectly by the GB. No legal entity controls such

    Talk by Jack Barr: Members of the Governing Body resigned from the WTBTS
    and members of the other sheep were nominated and elected to fill their
    slots. Thirty or more names were read quickly for various corporations.
    Don Adams is now president of the WTBTS of Pennsylvania.

    Brother Barr also mentioned that three new corporations were being

    The Governing Body will continue to direct these legal entities.

    The WT is a money-making machine. I do not believe their wealth is traceable as it must be quite spread and secret. As you see above, there are hundreds of corporations asociated with the WT and they keep on building/buying more.

    As for me, I dig up dirt on the WT whenever I have time...

  • truthseeker1

    So let me get something strait. The Society owns all the land and buildings that the KHs are built on, right? So each cong. borrows money from the society to buy the society land, and pays the money back w/interest? I wonder if there are any laws to protect this kind of extortion? Does the KH belong to the Congs who built it and paid for it? I was never into the "IN" crowd so I don't know.

  • freedom96


    The witnesses (the hall) buy the land, the WTS charges interest, and then the WTS owns it afterwards. Pretty good scam isn't it?

    I bet most witnesses never even ponder that issue. Those who do, quit.

  • truthseeker1

    OK, its like this:

    I want a house. I go to the bank and get a loan for the house. I buy the house with the loaned money. I pay for the house with my hard earned money and keep up the house. Once I pay the house off, the bank owns it....HMMMMMM

    SIGN ME UP!!!


    If the KH's were smart, they'd go to the bank for the loan, pay a bit more in interest, but own the damn hall afterwards!

  • Gerard

    It has Animal Farm written all over!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The witnesses (the hall) buy the land, the WTS charges interest, and then the WTS owns it afterwards. Pretty good scam isn't it?

    It's worse than that.

    The congregation pays into a building fund. Once they have enough money in the fund to pay for the hall then they borrow it back with interest of course and after they pay back that loan they still do not own the hall and land

    They pay twice for the privilege of using the hall. And once that is paid for they start a new building fund, sell the old one and start all over

  • Gerard

    You are going to love this one:

    N.Y property class # 210 stands for One family Residence.

    The Watchtower bought this residence in 09/30/1998 for the amount of $226,708. Tax free.

  • doodle-v

    Have things like this been reported to the media???!!! I'm outraged! Is this legal? Someone help me understand how they've been getting away with this scam for so many years! arrrrrrrrgh! (I feel sick)

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