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    @nonjwspouse - Thanks for the kind words. I actually have two courses that are close to done that I get distracted from finishing. One teaches how we started and run our cleaning business. The other is how to start a mobile auto detailing service. I am a person that often gets to a certain point and then I lose interest. It's the ADHD in me. I've got them 99% finished, but then to sell them I need to develop websites and graphics and lead magnets and sales pitches and marketing and.........and.........and. So the course itself may be near finished, but there's so much after that to figure out and it all hits me and overwhelms me at times. Again, it's hard to maintain that focus.

    I've actually been looking into some life coaching courses. I love what I get to do with my podcast "shunned" and have been able to impact lives with it. I'd love to be able to do more of that without having to go to a minimum of 5 years of full time college to become a social worker or something. I think I have a lot to offer to people. I've left a cult, gotten emotionally healthy, lost weight, paid off $55,000 in debt in just 18 months while doing the types of work that we do, etc. I'm sure I could help others to do similar things as a coach of some sort. It's just an idea for now, but I'm looking into it.

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