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    For the Court Hearing on July 17, I need examples of Jehovah's Witnesses who have kidnapped children out of hospital or not provided essential medical treatment. This would include children who died for refusing a blood transfusion or needed phychiatric care and commited suicide. Incase I have been to busy to say thankyou, please forgive me. You cannot imagine how gratefull I am for your help and ongoing support. If it was not for you I would still be gropping in the dark and would continue to be controlled by the Watchtower - made to feel guilty and to live in constant fear. Thank you for giving me my life back. Thankyou for setting this Watchtower slave free. Hopefully one day I will be able to thank each and every one of you in person.


  • expatbrit

    Hello Lawrence:

    I'm not if this is the kind of thing you are looking for, but just in case:

    Good luck with the case!


  • Mystery

    I don't really have any information to share, i wish I did, but I do wish you the best with your case.

  • calamityjane

    Hi Shunned Father. I will do my best to get my hands on some case law. I work in a law office so I have access to case law books.

    We had a case in the 80's I believe here in Ontario where a local elder helped the parents kidnap their daughter from the hospital, away from a blood transfusion, she ended up dying, there was a court case against the elder and the parents. I'm just going to have to really pick my brain for details. I hope I'll be able to come up with something.



  • calamityjane

    Shunned Father, I found the case. I'll pm you with the info.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Dear Shunned Father

    I will be of little help, but it is a parents constitutional right( in the US) to raise their children. on those grounds alone, you will prevail. are you in the usa? Tell me what state, and I can look up cases for you. Good luck!

  • Valis

    Hey man, hoping all is well with you in the Canada. Do the ajwrb people not have info like that? Here's some threads, but I couldn't find much..maybe I just wasn't looking for the right words..

    These guys are wacko for real jw apologists, but they may have something useful...

    Take care and best of luck on your search...If I find anything else I will try and remember to look up this thread. Cheers mate!


    District Overbeer

  • Francois

    I hope after you get your daughter back, you will get the state to prosecute the JWs for being an accessory after the fact to kidnapping and every other thing you can find.


  • Kenneson

    I just did a search on blood in this forum. There are a few articles that might possibly be of help. Best wishes in your endeavor.

  • Beans

    Well I'm not sure but Uzzah might know of some, so persoanl message him and perhaps Hawkaw!


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