Assembly fun....Final notes.

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  • Reborn2002
    -There are "deplorable conditions" in Christendom...Not in Jah's Org.


  • Mystery

    integ -

    Did they have a new date for Armageddon?

    And was anything brought out about staying away from DF’ed or Faded family & friends? Things have really been strange between my JW family and me these past couple of months. No phone calls (I live about 700 miles away from them) no emails, nothing. It was abruptly halted.

    My mother did call last week (a typical conversation with her is literally a minimum of 2 hours) and told me about my cousin that died. I had to literally keep asking her questions to keep her on the phone for 20 minutes. She was very evasive, wouldn’t really talk about anything. My sister will not answer my emails. Nor my phone calls.

    I was wondering if the assembly pushed the no association issue regarding DF’ed or faded family members. (I’m not D/F’ed – just faded)

  • integ

    I don't recall ANY mention of the dis-fellowshipping issue, or any new date on Armageddon. But, they did mention that some of the brothers have become "impatient" and "impulsive". Maybe this is in reference to people "speculating" about the end. And a reminder to keep waiting for it. Keep busy in the preaching work was of course the basic "jist" of the convention. (as it always is).

  • Francois


    What would you rather do:

    1. Stay on this planet in a sweaty ol' body and do yardwork through eternity.

    2. Go on to the next life on a different planet in a less physical body and start discovering the real skinny about God, reality, and stuff as you work toward becoming a real prize in the universe; to take your part in the relationship between those created perfect and those (like us) who had to become perfect via dint of our own effort?


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Integ, those longggggggg [prayers are something else. Thanks for reminding why I no longer attend.

    Guest 77

  • rocketman

    "It would not be wise" = rule. It just became a rule.

    The morgue remark is so crass it doesn't deserve a comment. It shows how full of crap they are. Ditto for comapring the .org to Jesus. They are so full of themselves.

  • Dogpatch

    An inactive Witness called me up from Bakersfield CA and said at the Sunday talk they were asking for help in setting up about 3 new printing presses at Wallkill. They were looking for concrete masons and the like. As it turns out, they need more presses to feed their growth in other countries. They also mentioned that the farm no longer has pigs and cows, but I would like to see that independently confirmed. Have all the animals left? Maybe they are only hypnotizing the chickens now. :-))

    The elder giving the news also mentioned that back in 1995 the Kingdom Ministry warned about taking coolers to assemblies, because they are dangerous. (Didn't mention WHY). He said it's now become a big problem again. Maybe its the beers in the bellies of the Witnesses that makes them dangerous! :-)) What do they expect Witnesses to do when they don't serve food at assemblies?

    Randy Watters

    Net Soup!

  • gitasatsangha

    Wait till the first non-witness comes in, eats a ham sandwich that's sat in the heat to long, and contracts some form of food poisoning. A lawsuit will bring "New Light" about coolers, I reckon.

  • Nosferatu

    I believe the posessed coolers have the potential of tripping the elderly. They gotta keep the old ones alive, since they have bills with large numbers on them. Besides, Jehovah will protect his people from material food poisoning as long as they take in the spiritual food.

  • gitasatsangha

    from experience I can tell you their first aid departments handle a great deal of fall injuries at these events. its probably why they are trying harder and harder to corral the elderly on floor levels. the first aid departments themselves often have untrained uncertified people dispensing medicines and health tips. Its a tort lawyers dreamworld.

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