Reasons for NOT Returning

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  • Darkknight757

    Great post. I especially liked #2. I would imagine many put on an act at the hall but the reality is that they are someone else entirely.

    Part of the fun of waking up is self discovery.

  • MrsR-Awaken

    *If you think about it. Being in the Watchtower is a lot like being an actor.

    *Watchtower is masterful at using a mechanism of fear to control and manipulate people into conformity. They do this by social peer pressure.

    * The result is a social standard in the JW community governed by fear, not freedom of expression.

    This is exactly how I'm feeling right now and I completely agree with the fact that people inside the org are being manipulated by fear. So because of that you end up "acting" or being an "Actor" for the fear of loosing your family and loved ones socially. Also humans have the natural need of being accepted and in the organization sometimes you pretend to act all spiritual to be accepted..because once again we fear of being shunned, that's manipulation to me. Now that's what I'm going trough right now... I completely want out of this religion I don't want to be part of it but loosing my family and my husband family really bothers me and makes me really sad, he feels the same way I do. We feel trapped and we want to Fade away..... anyway this post is just 100% true. Thanks for posting

    I had to let this out.

  • wannaexit
    Great post! Glad you are doing well.
  • Saved_JW


    I will make a separate thread answering your question

  • Phizzy
    I would prefer death to returning to that Hell.
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Excellent observations, love the way you expressed this.

  • Vidiot

    cha ching - "...If the WT is duplicitous, it cannot be filled, as it claims to be, with holy spirit."

    Ironic, then, that its prime duplicity is the claim that it's "filled with Holy Spirit".

  • LongHairGal

    My sanity, self-respect and peace of mind are the top reasons to not return.

    Of course, there are other feelings like anger and indignation that are part of the picture but the first three are the most important, in my opinion.

  • nugget

    I would add the loss of self.

    In the organisation you are taught never to think too much of yourself, not to celebrate your achievements or develop skills outside the watchtower's activities. From children you are taught to have no self esteem and to trust elders and appointed men completely. You are not encouraged to think for yourself, make your own judgments or pursue knowledge. You live a half life throwing away your potential to slave for an organisation that does not care for you or your well being. They squander the lives of their followers simply because of greed with no thought of the misery that this inflicts nothing could be more selfish or self serving.

  • fulltimestudent

    Reasons for not returning - haha!!!

    But one reason in particular - they'd only chuck me out again. For I will never return to the way of life they advocate.

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