More assembly fun......

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  • rocketman

    Hey Minimus, anyone ever tell you that you'd make a great writer in the writing department?

    Integ, thanks for keeing us posted. My hat is off to you for enduring all that sitting, listening, and taking notes.

    There do seem to be quite a few jws who like to tip the 'ol bottle, and who thus may have some alcohol-related problems.

  • rocketman

    .....Of course, being part of that religion, can you blame the for wanting to drown it all out with booze?

  • minimus

    "We tell no lies, unlike wicked Christendom". How thankful we can be to our Great God, Jehovah that we alone, our possessors of the "truth". The "truth" is incomprehensible to those out "in the darkness, where there is no light". What is truth? To Satan and his hordes, the "truth" is unknown. But to Jehovah's happy people, the "truth" is what all of God's servants are "entitled" to know. "The truth shall set you free". We are not required to speak what Christendom considers as truth. We are not obligated to Satan's world and media to speak their brand of truth. When God's servants speak, we know we have absolute truth. The world would never understand this. That is why when the world claims that we are lying about certain matters or speaking misleading untruth, we know that a "watchman" would never speak a lie. Let those in Satan's world defame us and say untruth about us. We are not required to tell them anything. It is our right to use "theocratic stratergy" And this is the only truth we, as God's servants must know.

  • HoChiMin

    I was just informed one speaker said this past weekend in Portland, Maine, not to listen to the news media "even if they seem credible" because they are controled by Satan. (this part is true)

    CNN -BREAKING NEWS : "Jehovah's Witnesses have been right all along"

    Minimus; have you been near the bullshit pipe again?


  • goldfish

    Oh God, I need a gin and tonic........

  • shamus

    Whaaaaa? Any alcohol amount that makes you "Giddy?" is too much??? Where does it say in the bible that alcohol raises ones spirits....

    They sure make people feel guilty in that religion about nothing, nothing, nothing! The chains are off me, and I am free!

  • Beans

    When one dangles the carrot in front of the donkey (1840, 1872, 1874, 1878, 1914, 1918, 1925, 1975) the mule sometimes needs a kick in the ass, impatient I guess so eh! Yes how proud a group to never to be lied to as well (see above dates) and I think my JW brother in law missed the talk about the booze, cause he's always tanked!


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