Post your talent's here.

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  • avishai

    I was gonna finally post my "story" for my 500th post. But, I chickened out & am going for fluff instead.

    At least one of my talents are probably borg induced. I'm an actor (a thespian trapped in the body of a man) done some stage, extra work, & an indie flick or two. I also cook like a madman. More talents to come, however maybe on adult & disagreements.

    Oh, I forgot. Argument, one o my fav's

  • MrMoe

    um... well... I can go though anything... think of the engergizer bunny.

  • hippikon
  • pr_capone

    WEll... I can dance like no other. I love to swing dance and I fancy myself a singer though many at the Karaoke bar tend to disagree with me.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Av, if memory serves me right, this question was asked a few months ago.

    Guest 77

  • Dansk
    Av, if memory serves me right, this question was asked a few months ago.

    If Av's forgotten, how does he remember his lines



    Since I was little, people loved my printing, and ability to draw a straight line unwavering. I could print like a typewriter, and could draw things very well.

    At work, the owner always gets me to do the signs (for the upcoming events) and label things for her, as she loves my writing.

    Also, I like to play with word expressions and design cute sayings etc., and put them up on the board at work.

    That sort of thing.

  • Rado Vleugel
    Rado Vleugel

    My talent is not to reveal my talents, but as you can see this talent isn’t a great talent.

    Rado Vleugel

  • Vivamus

    I have no talents, I am talent-less.

  • dedalus

    My talent is to point out any annoying misuse of apostrophe, as in the title of this thread.


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