Use COMMON SENSE for Covid 19 - not LAWS!

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Common sense should be called horse sense. Horse sense is the sense that horses have not to bet on people.🙃

  • Simon
    Its easy to criticize people (governments officials) for their decisions and enforced laws until the responsibility rests on your own shoulders.

    No it isn't, it's their job.

    What they need to do is take charge. Decide what the plan is and communicate it.

    Right now we are rudderless ships being tossed in the storm because no one will make a proper decision and stick to it.

    Tell us the decisions making, the crossover point, the number of acceptable deaths ... let people make their own decisions.

  • Finkelstein

    let people make their own decisions.

    Sweden did that and in that country they have had three times the number of deaths than its two neighboring countries Norway and Finland.

    Think about what would happen in the greater New York area if there was no lock down as to what was implemented.

    There be thousands of bodies lying dead out the streets with people not knowing what to do .

    Think of Italy and its major cities what would happen if there was no lock down in those cites?

    Government officials not only have to deal with a deadly contagious virus in the health and safety of the population but also create calm, order and civil obedience.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    And then lets look at California who implemented stay-at-home orders prior to anyone and now dead-set on leaving those orders indefinitely when "the curve" has barely even gotten off the ground and not going anywhere.

    80,000 hospital beds and at the "peak"(according to all the expert/failure model builders) & we only needed 2,000 beds.

    Response to Covid 19 was grotesquely exaggerated and the lasting damage to people's everyday life(and literal life) and trillions of dollars wasted for the 5th greatest economy in the world is unforgivable.

    Blanket lockdowns are a complete joke and a disaster like has never been seen before.

    Fuck Newsom, Fuck Garcetti, Fuck Ferrer. They all need to GTFO.

  • Simon
    Sweden did that and in that country they have had three times the number of deaths than its two neighboring countries Norway and Finland.

    Are you going off an absolute count or per-capita, because those can be very different things.

    i.e. I'd expect a country with 100 people in it to have a lower death count than every other country, even if 100% of the population died.

    And you're making the classic mistake of only comparing up to now, not what the count may be in 12 months time. The interesting stats with Sweden is that their curve looks like everyone else's and they are not doing materially worse than places that have had strict lockdowns.

    There's little evidence that lockdowns help with protection or do anything other than delay or flatten the curve, which is what they were meant to do. Healthcare systems are not overwhelmed so lockdowns should be eased.

    They may even make things worse, because getting exposed to sunlight and some germs are what keeps us healthy to some degree and it's better to be out than locked in an enclosed space.

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