The Police vs. Sting

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  • clash_city_rockers

    hippikon, my sentament are the same. "Real to Real Concophany" and "New Golden Dream 81,82,83,84" and even Sparkel in the Rain were just awsome and can never be matched. Again the same can be said with Paul Weller(solo) will never never never equal the greatness of The Jam. Again this just proves Stings sappy insiped inane pop fluff will never equal to the instramental complexities and lyrical insightfullness of the Police. Sting plays music for old ladies while the Police where an edgy New wave Band from the early 80's. Sting is about as sentamental schock as Depeche Mode a buble gum band for adelecent girls.

    Six writes: But then again, I get a strong sense that anything written or sung by anyone not underweight due to amphetamine and nicotine use and not wearing a black, metal studded belt is not going to be well received by you, Clash.

    This is where six gets introble with his un edumacated presumptions......

    Amphetamines, maybe. It helps you play faster nicotine, probly not it's gross wearing a black, metal studded belt, not a prerequasite. Case in Point; X-Ray Spex.

    Were is the black?????? Day Glow is cool, New Wave Rules

    When you rech the botton line, the only thing to do is climb,


  • azaria
    Sting plays music for old ladies

    I happen to really like Sting. Guess I'm in the old ladies class. I just have two of his cd's, Ten Summoner's Tales and All This Time and enjoy them both, not all the time and not all the songs. Even my daughter (16) is starting to understand that your taste in music has a lot to do with when you were born. I grew up in the 60's & 70's. I love the music from that period. When someone mentions punk groups, I think who? Maybe if I had been born 25 years later, who knows I might have liked punk. Not!

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