JWZone: Does The Bible Promote Homophobia?

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  • SYN

    For the first time in nearly a month (gasp) my browser found itself sauntering over to the confines of JWZone, and found this thread, which is at once laughable and despicable:


    Here are some "highlights":

    " The Bible condemns homosexuality yes, but it's not condoning acts of violence against them."

    Cough. Wasn't that sort of thing grounds for being stoned to death (an especially pleasant way to die) back in the time of the Bible?

    The thing they are missing is that the Bible condems many worldly practices that are considered rights in this world not just homosexuality and as have been mentioned at no place in the Bible does it tell us to practice violence against practicers of sin. Just to not associate with them.

    Incorrect. "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" comes to mind, amongst others. Isn't it sad when you know your Bible better than the very Dubs defending it?

    And I suppose the Wiccans will protest next because the Bible says that "witches" should be terminated! - Exodus 22:18

    Someone is always trying to undermine the Bible with some complaint or another. Awhile back, some Jews were saying that the "New Testament" is "antisemitic."

    No doubt the homosexual thing is the complaint du jour. After all, complaining about the Bible is much easier than living by it.

    WTF! I don't see any of those posters sacrificing sheep or stoning witches to death! Talk about your high-grade hypocrisy! And what's up with that alien icon?!!!!

    What it comes down to is that people in the world dont like to be told what to do.

    Well, that would be correct, SciGal.

    I don't want to be told what to do, either. But I am pleased to do what is upright in Jehovah's eyes.

    Jehovah considers sheep sacrifices "upright", dude. Furthermore, I'm willing to bet money that you don't have a sacrificial stone and knife lying around in your backyard, or any sheep for that matter. So tell me that part again about doing what is upright in Jehovah's eyes?

    I find homosexuality to be repulsive and I choose not to associate with people who engage in activities I find repulsive any more than the ordinary business of the day requires me to. I also don't hang out with sword swallowers or nudist recording artists or known pedophiles or the clergy of any of the religions of christendom.

    Oh, that's rich, RICH! For all this poor poster knows, he could be hanging out with dozens of pedophiles. Hell, they might even be his Elders! HAHAHAHA! This is just sad. Now who's repulsive?

    I do not want to be standing next to a homosexual when Jehovah exercises judgement on them

    Don't worry, budgies only attack you if you are directly within their field of vision.

    and there isn't a law in the world that can set that moment back so much as a full second.

    Ehehehe. Whenever that moment will be, that is. Any day now, it seems! Let's just say, Yours Truly doesn't lose much sleep worrying about it

    As I see things, the less time I spend with homosexuals, the fewer ticks of the clock I am vulnerable to a mis-aimed hailstone.

    Surely Jehovah would have perfect aim? Him being omnipotent and all?

    MrLinux.....I know you aren't serious about the "mis-aimed hailstone."
    I doubt Jehovah will miss.

    See, even GrannyMoogie agrees with me

    *sighs* It never ends, does it?


  • SYN

    Ooooh! Found a thread where they discuss the moral issues associated with watching The Matrix Reloaded!!!! This is gold!


    (Anyone know what the rating will be yet? PLEASE PG-13!!!!)

    Ill second that...if its R, then that creates a sticky situation for everyone. You cant see it at the theatre, becuase if its R it may be for a good reason this time. And theres the stigma that comes with watching a rated R movie...it could be a definate stumbling block to many especially if your in any kind of position of responsibility. "Well, Brother.....went and saw The Matrix: Reloaded. Why cant I go see this other really bad rated R movie???" If it is R, Im going to find out why, and may end up watching it on TNT three years from now.

    If its PG-13, then YES!!! YEEEEEEES!!! WOO-HOO-HOO!!!

    OMG! That's so SAD! Imagine deliberating whether you can go and watch an R-Rated movie or not! HAHAHAHA! That's pathetic! "Position of responsibility" and all! LMAO!

    In a way, we are like those who have been freed from the Matrix. We are no longer part of the world, but have been freed from the world. We are no longer blinded to the truth...the truth that the whole world is in slavery, being manipulated by Satan to his advantage. And we know that as long as this system exists, the human race will never truly be free. Even now, we are at war against Satan and his minions, trying to show people the truth and free their minds.

    The difference is that we have Jehovah on our side, and the outcome is definite. Satan and his system WILL GO DOWN. And we need not fight, for it is Jehovahs battle. And a glorious battle it will be.

    This is just too funny. "No longer blinded to the truth". Whatever!!! Wanna bet this guy has NEVER researched the underpinnings of his religion? I think we all know what the answer to that question is...and also, how can a battle be glorious if it involves swarms of budgies? It just doesn't seem glorious and magnificent to me, vast droves of cheeping death descending on acres of helpless suburban types. Good grief.

    Well, a sister in our congregation snuck off to see the movie, and said that the level of content was the same as the first movie except for the sex scene, which really could have been MUCH worse than it was. It was about the same level as the "Titanic" love scene. So, if you wanna use the bathroom or refill your popcorn, that would be a good time to do it. There was no use of the F word in the movie, although there was plenty of other strong language...once again, it was about the same as the first movie. There was also about as much violence.

    So, let your conscience be your guide.

    If I do sneak off and see it, it will be at a late showing in the middle of the week in another town.

    I wonder how many Dubs have been busted after posting stuff like this on JWZone? Besides being a laughable display of their distinctly sheep-like nature, do these people actually realize the amount of trouble they could be getting themselves into? It's so good not having to worry whether someone uses "the F-word" in a movie now. Hell, bring it on, you know? Do y'all remember this sort of thought process, rationalizing your own actions in this way? It's horrible!

    Whoops, forgot to post the link:


  • rocketman

    Funny how some of them still "sneak" out to see the movie.

    I've never seen such a bunch of pontificators.

  • Francois

    Pontificators? Right. And if there's any real "skin" in this movie, I'll bet you dollars to donut holes this sanctimonious idiot will go straight home and compete in the Weekly Wankers contest...and win, erm, hands down.


  • patio34

    Excuse me while I go throw up after reading that nauseating tripe. The worst is that it could have been me at one time

    Pat (who's going to see the movie tomorrow in broad daylight)

  • Aztec

    "I also don't hang out with sword swallowers or nudist recording artists or known pedophiles or the clergy of any of the religions of christendom." What's wrong with sword swallowers and what the hell is a nudist recording artist? ROFL @ being freed from the matrix by the jduds! Syn, your commentary is priceless! :D ~Aztec

  • Huxley

    That was some really funny stuff. I especially liked it when the poster said "F-word".

    Fing Hilarious


  • shamus

    The link is dead... sorry. I did manage to browse around the site a bit... what a bunch of dweebs. All star-trek b.s... they are all heavy deamo, man. How dare they idolize star trek. They're going to die at armageddon.

    From anyone in any congregation that saw the website...

  • asleif_dufansdottir
    And I suppose the Wiccans will protest next because the Bible says that "witches" should be terminated! - Exodus 22:18

    Somebody should tell that poster that Wiccans are very well aware of that verse (there is lots of debate over whether the original term actually meant "poisoner") and don't like it ... well, don't like how fundies are likely to use it to justify their acts. The same with non-Wiccan witches. Witch and Wiccan are not synonymous, btw.

  • In_between_days

    The thing that I find extremely funny is that if you live in Australia, the America's (R) rated movies are actually rated MA here, which basically means just a little bit worse than an M rated movie, kind of inbetween an M and an R; pretty much all dubs see MA movies without getting in trouble whatsover or even discussing or considering the "stumbling Block" I always thought this was really unfair for the Americans, we would get U.S dubs visiting, and they would always be absulutely shocked at all the Aussie dubs seeing these movies., and we would be like, what do you mean its rated R? Its an MA - its ok to see it!

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