Big Brother is back! ..But who gives a flying?

by Brummie 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brummie

    Can you believe over 5 million people in the UK avidly watch big brother? Its back on TV tonight so it looks like the phenomena is about to start all over agian, will you get caught up in it? Did you watch the last 3 series?

    Think it will flop this year? Who goooes next Friday...YOU decide

    Seems pathetic to me.

    Brummie (Federiko

  • Pleasuredome

    i only watched the last years, and i thought sandy was well funny. i saw about 5 mins of it tonite after getting in from the pub just to see if there were any fit girls on it. looks like i wont be bothering this year.

  • nicolaou

    Aaaaargh!! My wife is a committed 'Reality TV' addict. As soon as I saw Davina I took my 13 year old soon out to the pool hall. He whupped my ass 9-1!


  • Simon

    I think this is the biggest load of tosh I have ever seen ... I watched 5 minutes of one of them. Seems like the scoured the dreggs of humanity looking for boring dysfunctional idiots and then filmed them being boring.

    God, what aweful TV !!

    I can't wait till all this reality (ie. 'cheap') TV dies a death and we can get back to some quality, polished programmes.

    Bring back Baywatch !! LOL

  • Brummie

    *sniggers @ the baywatch thing*

    PD if sandy is the one that jumped over the roof and he represents "reality" ...then I'm up for suicide.

    nic, best avoid taking him to pool next time, it gets embarrasing.


  • Shutterbug

    I also miss Baywatch, what was the story all about anyway ?

  • wednesday

    i hate reality tv-i watch tv to either enlighten myself, or laugh at some mindless sitcom for 30 minutes. None of the reality tv-with the possible exception of American idol, fits that bill. And i still say, Clay should have won.


  • Brummie
    And i still say, Clay should have won

    You are just not going to get over this injustice any time soon are you wednesday?

    I agree, reality TV sucks, and it never is reality. How many celebs hide out in the jungle together in reality? How many people lock themselves up in a house for weeks on end and have no comunication with the outside world? Its all far from reality. I wonder why its called reality tv?


  • shamus

    I got better things to do.. like lick the cat clean.

  • wednesday
    You are just not going to get over this injustice any time soon are you wednesday?

    well it was a a da*n shame, but with some time, i hope the hurt will heal(lol)

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