Posters That Seem To Have Vanished Off The Face Of The Earth...?

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  • Reborn2002
    Yes I do...he's out of pocket right now and I'll leave it at that..I wish I could explain to you all more, but it is embarassing to me and to him...He's young and stupid and still needs to learn from more of the harsher lessons in life...

    Yes it is unfortunate what became of him. However if I am not mistaken (unless you edited your comments afterwards) you posted a thread discussing what happened to your brother. I remember specifically Valis because I pay attention to your threads. I will not say what became of your brother out of respect for you, but all someone would have to do is look through the archives under your username to dig it up.


  • ugg

    here i am!!! (send me...send me..) hahahahahaha....reading alot...just not posting at this time.....

  • Brummie

    yay theres ugg! Say hi to Venice Mulan.

  • Tallyman
    Where's Tom Talley?


    Yeah, Search. Where IS he??


    TT is deleted!


    Schpanner, schtill using that Kult Terminology?
    The "pure" language??

    Hey, I wasn't just deleted, I wuz ERASED!

    I was Schimonized!

    Why was Tom Talley deleted?


    Or has he been disfellowshipped from the forum!


    Yeah, good point, Search.

    WHY was Tom Talley given the ol' bum's rush?
    WHAT were the charges against him?
    He was bound to have been GUILTY of Gross Wrongdoing!
    Was his Everlasting Posting decided in some Star Chamber Meeting?
    Is he going to Appeal the Judicial Decision?

    Nawwww, he wasn't DF'ed from the forum.

    He's going to decide WHEN to Disengage.
    He is about to Disassociate in a few more sentences time
    because this place reminds him of his former Kult too much.

    (Tom Talley never knew WHY he was disfellowshipped
    from the Watchtowerkult back in 1992. He never knew the charges
    against him... after 20 Freekin' Years in the WatchtowerFamily,
    no one bothered to even tell him WHAT he was supposed to have done,
    and what do you know- THIS "brotherhood" is JUST as shoddy and shabby...
    'course we know that there are a few good apples still here
    amongst all the rotten eggs)

    Hey, Tom T can apply for reinstatement after awhile, right?



    I'll do that right after I apply for reinstatement to the WTKult.

    Before I sally forth, I've wondered WHY in the world would
    you put up a picture of a fine instrument like a Hofner
    juxtaposed beside all your trashy, ignorant dribbles?

    Most kurious.

    Did you think it would make YOU look/seem better?


    Tom Tally kept on exposing me for my Hypocrisy and was deleted.

    -Schimon Gren

    You schtill using the Kult terminology too, huh?

    Schimonize, you're not only a Hypocrite-

    as Dave Letterman would say:

    "You're a Pinhead, too!"

    And you can't fire me.

    I QUIT!

    "Take your forum and Shove It!
    I ain't posting here no more."
    (to quote Johnny Paykheck)

    I'll decide when to leave and I just did.

    I just dropped in momentarily to Disassociate myself
    from your Online Organization.

    Now, I've got to go find that ass-kicking machine
    which I used on myself for wasting 20 years in the Watchtowerkult,
    because of - A L L - the time I wasted here.

    : : s i g h ! : :


    Won't Tom Talley EVER learn?

    Yes, I think he has finally recovered his FOCUS.

    Scho Long, Schimon, you schtanky Brit, you!

  • Brummie
    WHY was Tom Talley given the ol' bum's rush?

    becausch he wasch acting like a prat!


  • riz

    bye Tom I'll miss you.

    love your friend, 'good apple' riz

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    A couple of months ago, before the "Iraqi situation", didn't CRAZY say he had just joined the military? I hope he's ok, because I too miss him (along with L.B. and DAKOTA RED).

  • Valis

    On reflection, I don't mind saying...I can tell you my home schooled brother got in trouble very early in his life and had no chance for real social maturation. He is currently incarcerated after his latest attempt at freedom. I layed my reputation on the line to get him a job, helped him out for some time, and gladly stored his things. He had a job at the State Fair, which was not the best, but they gave him room & board, in exchange for daily attendance and long paid OK, but he was going to travel around with them after the fair...getting to see some of the countryside for free and he would be away from the influences that fucked him up in the first place...I include my parents in those influences...and also the originators of his decline from young and ready to experience life to almost institutionalized for life. Three strikes and you are out...He chose to go hang out with the same people who the cops were watching and got in trouble...for the second time, not to mention wreck my rep w/some and leave me with very little hope for him in the future. Hopefully a lesson for any JWs out there who want to think twice about home schooling for reasons concerning "wordly influence". If you choose to keep your kids at home for an education, then don't work, do it right, and don't leave them at home alone. Otherwise, let them learn from interacting with the world, for after all, with such strong "moral" guidance from the parents, how could a youngster go wrong? Good night all...I'm off to eat Artichokes and Mexican food...


    District Overbeer

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