Posters That Seem To Have Vanished Off The Face Of The Earth...?

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  • SpannerintheWorks

    There are some posters that, for no apparent reason, seem to have disappeared recently. These do not seem to be the subject of "verbal" abuse or self-resignation, but they just, well...vanished! And they all were very active prior to their spontaneous combustion.

    Those who come to mind are:







    Minimus (only joking!)

    Any ideas?


  • searchfothetruth

    Where's Tom Talley?

  • SpannerintheWorks


    TT is deleted!


  • Billygoat

    Here are some oldies, but goodies and I miss them.




    Reagan O'Conner



  • searchfothetruth

    Why was Tom Talley deleted?


    Or has he been disfellowshipped from the forum!

  • BeelzeDub

    And what ever happened to YouKnow? He perfected the art of bullshitting.

  • Reborn2002

    If I were you I would be careful when asking this question, even if it is sincere inquiry about the whereabouts of an individual.

    Why? Because other posters may come along and interject their emotions into your topic, explaining why they believe people left or were deleted, and subsequently flames will ensue, and then a moderator will come along and lock your thread.

    I should know, I was accused of fanning flames and had my thread locked for asking a similar sincere question regarding posters who no longer frequent here.

    Good luck.

  • Simon

    People move on, it's healthy.

    Tom Tally kept making repeated personal attacks and was deleted.


    When people ask about former posters, it's understandable.

    Some have not been removed/deleted, they either have moved on, or are no longer interested in posting on the forum.

    If someone has been deleted or removed,'s not disfellowshipping. If anyone has ventured over to other forums (non-JW/Religious) you will see that some people do not mix well with others, no matter how much slack you cut them.

    People are often given warnings (if you would) to mind their behaviour on the forum, and when the still make it their raison d'etre to be insulting, rude, etc., it's obvious they've outstayed their welcome.

    On almost every forum I have participated upon, there's a list of guidelines and rules. They apply to everyone.

    It's like a club or party that you are hosting. You have people you know, and those that you don't. You try to keep people content and satisfied, but occasionally you'll have someone who arrives and simply has no intent whatsoever to get along with everyone else, so, they are asked and reminded to be respectful of others and to calm down. But they keep it up, and eventually they are shown the door. Yes, even those that you may like.

    I liken it to a bar/tavern. Some patrons, do not mix well with others. There are those who refuse to keep their psychosis to themselves. Eventually they start to ruin the evening and make other patrons uncomfortable. What to do? Tell the majority to put up with this person's insulting/abusive ramblings? Or tell them to, 'settle down'? Generally speaking, diplomacy doesn't work, but it is equally shared and given to all patrons, but the trouble-maker, still continues on their rants, and well.....they are shown the door. If they won't leave, they are helped along.

    On-line forums and Live and in-person situations are really not that much different, except for seeing/hearing the person in question.

    When someone has been sent away from the forum, some folks are upset. No surprise. But one can go to another forum where that 'said' person resides and continue some form of on-going communication, or if you have their e-mail, then you can keep up with them that way.

    It's really tiring when you constantly see the same old rants, insults and abusive on-line behaviour ruining it for the rest.

    Perhaps, for some, this forum is not a good place for them. Sad thing, some of these adults cannot see that for themselves. Some people simply don't mix well with others.

  • Nosferatu

    They didn't move on, they were part of the anointed and have been resurrected up to heaven!

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