Question for believers, heaven or earth?

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    Also, this scripture comes into play that on earth "righteousness is to dwell" after God makes a new earth. So remember that point as well. (2 Peter 3:13) 13 But there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell.
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    Hi Tornintwo

    I'm afraid I don't even know if God & heaven exist, so I can be of limited help, if at all.

    My advice, FWIW, is just try and live a 'good' life: be decent to other people, don't cheat on your spouse, etc. Knowledge is important, and the only way to acquire this is via the scientific method. Anything else is just myth and make-believe.

    That's it.


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    Back to the OP, torn I am a believer, as you know, and go to church. Most Protestant churches believe (tho they don't talk about it much) that people go to heaven, and sometime in the future, there is an earthly hope,

    Does not the Catholic credo also stipulate the brief "resurrection of the flesh" for judgement of the last day?

    Deism: wait and see, or not, but use your time on this paradise earth wisely; that is why people heading for greener fields by the millions right now into Europe. Heaven and the 70 virgins can wait.

  • Tornintwo

    I agree it's a surprise to say the least to find that Protestants/mainstream Christianity also allow for belief in resurrection to the earth 'in the end', as per the searcher's video post on page. 1, interesting. I was lead to believe that only the witnesses had that belief and that we had to put up with all of the other crap in order to entertain that hope. Hmm eye opener.

    I think it's the dogmatism and superiority that I hate the most, "only we have it right, you can't disagree because were appointed by God, everyone else has it wrong, they're all going to die if they don't join us". What a massive superiority complex and ego trip. It seems like most other Christian religions allow for quite a bit of personal freedom of thought based around the basic Christian message.

  • cofty
    i always treasured the paradise earth hope

    All utopias turn into tyrannies.

    We live in the best time in all of human history and it's all down to the efforts of "mankind" - how I hate the negative connotations of that word.

  • Alive!


    I have been to a baptist church service where the physical resurrection was scripturally discussed.

    I have read and listened to non JW Christian sermons regarding a recreated glorified physical body and reconciled creation.

    One scholar referred to the 'drift towards decay' which is our lot in this dimension, and how the good news is the future glorified, indestructible resurrection and reconciliation of all creation. Can't remember his name! I'll look him up - He featured on a DVD about CS Lewis.

    Like others, I can't deny this inner 'thing' in me that says there IS a purpose and we are on a journey......

    You may want to ponder on the emphasis that the scriptures give to 'all being reconciled' - look up 'Universal Salvation' or 'Universal Reconciliation' if you are interested in exploring the thoughts of other Christians.

    The point is - it's YOUR journey.

    No longer are you obliged to change your understanding of scriptural verses at the whim of a the WT.

    This is all yours. As it should be.

  • Alive!

    By the way, the WT has lied and thus twisted our perception of what the Christians of 'Christendom' believe.

    If God plans to destroy all those who are in the churches of Christendom - which let's face it, is a fundamental JW belief and teaching - well, how wicked does that make God? Rather, a wicked heart would contrive such an interpretation of scripture.

    How dare JWs condemn those who follow so called false teachers yet follow false teachers themselves?

  • mommyfirstandalways
    Just to clarify....I still believe we were created and that there is a powerful force out there. Still figuring things out though.
  • Bugslife
    I feel there might be some type of afterlife.

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