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    Which just goes to show that we should have listened to Benjamin Franklin, who wanted the turkey as America's symbol instead of the eagle. Perhaps with an escutcheon of stuffing and giblet gravy?


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    I think Englishman maybe was refering to your abusive and crude comments not the content of your original post.

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    I did not even comment on the contents of the links above..........And I made no comments regarding it.

    first post on this thread:

    I purposely won't embed it, for it might cause heart palpitations.

    Viewer discretion strongly adviced!!




  • Englishman

    Angharad said:

    I think Englishman maybe was refering to your abusive and crude comments not the content of your original post.

    Absolutely correct.


  • Abaddon

    As has been pointed out, the eagle's been a national symbol in the USA for quite some time. From well before the Nazi's.

    The eagle in question merely reflects the design trends of the time, as has been pointed out, but differs from the Germanic heraldic eagle... which I believe was just a symbol of the German state... the SS had a cheerful death's-head logo.

    So all this is a load of tripe.

    What is not tripe is the German eagle on the German Euro coins. A friend visietd us from the 'States last years, and at some point we said we though it was a little tactless to use a symbol so associated with Nazi's, for all the fact its usage pre and post dates that period.

    She didn't get it until we went round the Anne Frank house, and she saw in a display case some documents (permission for a Jew to breathe, or something like that) with the same little eagle stamped on it. THEN she got it.

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    sf: I will not tollerate posts like those. Either you post properly or you don't post - it's as simple as that. There is no point posting vulgar and insulting things like you did as I will simply delete them and, if you continue, you as well.

    Do not post a topic if you aren't willing to see people reply or refute what you put.

    As for the topic itself ... claims of Nazi symbolism are preposterous and Valis was quite right.

    The imagery precedes Nazi Germany and originates much further back (even to the Roman's). They borrowed some of the more stirring symbolisms but because they were so stirring, they have naturally already been used elsewhere before.

  • Valis

    This guy has taken his stand maybe a bit far, but he is very interesting and makes some good points about the power that people give to symbols.


    As well, Simon mentioned the eagle's use back to Roman times and it made me remember one of my favorite books...

    The Eagle of The Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliffe...great book..and yeah way off topic, but um great book...*LOL*


    District Overbeer


    Here is a link that some of you may find interesting. It was written by Marion Winik. It was read on NPR Radio, either on the evening of September 11, 2001 or a day or two later. I actually listened to this reading, and I found it quite good.

    Here it is again:


  • Kenneson

    For crying out loud! Give me a break! There is such a thing as American art deco and it has nothing to do with the Nazis.


    Scroll down to "Further information about this issue." The eagle has been America's emblem since 1782. If anything, Hitler borrowed the idea from us.

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