The awake on my doorstep

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  • steve2

    Yes mentalclarity, JWs use of language is a good example (but not the only one of course!) of highly manipulative use of language and key words. It starts at the top and seeps down so that rank and file JWs innocently speak in this manipulative manner and would blush if we dared say they were being crafty and manipulative.

    I remember a phrase I used in the door-to-door work when speaking to a parent: "Loving parents are rightly concerned about the state of the world and worry about their children's future." Bingo! I was being manipulative because how could a parent ever say in response that they aren't concerned about the state of the world without worrying that I'd think they were not loving parents?

    And on and on and on the manipulation of language and crafting of agreement go....

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    steve 2 - Loong day at work so I couldn't answer you. At the beginning of the article, the doomsday clock is just before 12:00 right? If it does go to 12, it would mean no hope - destruction of the world we know. The second illustration of the clock is 12:05 and it shows a man in paradise. In JW land it means that god has saved the world and the clock now goes on forever....

    What it really means tho, is that God is the doom that struck at 12 and took out all the "bad" people. Yeah instead of a nuclear annihilation, it is God that destroys the majority of humans.

    And talking about words, the word "bad" is used in the articles. A label that to a Jw means evil. It is also the black and white thinking the WT gets people accustomed to, so that it is easy not to think of "worldly" people as well, people. Tony the III also turns humans into "hotdogs" Since I was raised in the "truth" since I was 5, I also thought in black in white. You don't know it of course.

    The magazine left on the porch, could have been left by an annoying Jw that wants to count time on me and believes that she is motivated by love to save me. The last time a set of magazines were left, I didn't pick them up and two days later, they were gone! Guess she (or ?) didn't want to waste the precious mags.

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