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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I occasionaly get a magazine left on the porch of my house. This time it was an awake. IS THE WORLD OUT OF CONTROL?

    It is not that it is earth shaking or surprising in the content - but there were some things that stood out to me. One is the font choice for the main article. It is in all caps but the first part of the title - it's line stroke is only as wide as an eyelash and the last two words more in bold. Something like this "IS THE WORLD OUT OF CONTROL OR NOT?"

    Apparently the WT is attacking the thought that life has improved and that people are working to better things. Here is the last paragraph on the first page.

    "In fact, millions of people believe in a bright future. They profess to have evidence showing that mankind and our planet will survive indefinitely and that our quality of life will improve. Is that evidence credible? Is the world out of control or not?"

    Of course the doomsday clock is the illustration and at the bottom, the reason why the scientists call it that. The next page shows illos of tornados, factory pollution and a person in a hospital bed. Oh and half a mushroom atomic cloud.

    Opening sentence on this page. "IF YOU (caps their's) are apprehensive or scared outright by the barrage of bad news, you are not alone. In 2014, Barack Obama, who was then president of the United States, suggested that because of all the bad things reported in the press, many conclude "that the world is spinning . . . . fast and nobody is able to control it."

    Titles in red that go with the pictures mentioned before hand. OUR HEALTH UNDER SIEGE. HUMAN'S ATTACKS ON NATURE. NATURE'S ATTACKS ON HUMANS. WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

    Concluding sentence in article. "Surely you can think of other grave threats to our survival. Yet, you will not find statisfying answers about the future by analyzing all the bad things happening today." Of course it finishes with the question of where can you find the answers to these problems....

    Again with the spidery lettering and bold "IS THE WORLD OUT OF CONTROL? What Does the Bible Say?" Now they have the second part in the more friendly Upper Lowercase.

    Opening comment paragraph has an interesting shift from black text, to red. "THE dire state of the world today was foretold in the Bible many centuries ago. And what is more, the bible specifically predicted a bright future for mankind. (RED) What the Bible says should not be quickly dismissed in view of the fact that so much of what it foretells has actually been fulfilled in amazing detail.

    There's a list of evidences from the bible next - punctuated by red text of more negative remarks about the world. Next page shows the doomsday clock past 12:00 but there is a man in a surprised position in paradise next to it. Of course it is because JW's are a global community that worship God and expect him to save them.

    The next two pages are on how to make sure you teach your children humility. Which is fine except I'm sure the WT's aim is to make sure JW children aren't given positive unconditional love. It is true that if you only praise children and don't give guidelines on conduct, they will tend to expect everything is for them. But how many JW kids get pampered? It is not that the information is incorrect but I don't trust the motive behind it. Because of course, there is the common put down in JW land that you are a speck of dust that doesn't deserve anything so be humble.

    Last article is about Alhazen. Man who was a scientist/inventor. Made the first recorded camera obscura. Wrote seven books about Optics that laid the ground work for lenses etc. Best sentences for the magazine is found at the end.

    "He was one of the first investigators to test theories by experimentation, and he was not afraid to question accepted wisdom if the evidence did not back it up."

    "A tenet of modern science can be summed up by the dictum: "Prove what you believe!" Some consider Alhazen to be "the father of the modern scientific method." On that basis, we have much to thank him for."

  • EverApostate

    I feel the world is a better place to live now. Don't fall for doomsday tactics.

    Had I been born some 300 years earlier, I would have died at a young age of Cholera, typhoid , malaria or any other numerous diseases caused by microbes that the loving God Created.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Regarding the typical relating of bad news before telling the good news (there is a solution!), I recall that when the 30-minute Sunday talk was initiated, we were told that the emphasis would be on the good news. A more positive message.

    I used to take notes on every talk, and there had been too much depressing negativity.

  • dubstepped

    Lol at them asking for "credible evidence" while they believe in god, noah, talking snakes, etc.

  • LisaRose

    Of course they have to portray the world as hopeless and out of control, as all doomsday cults do. Fear is useful when manipulating people.

  • steve2

    Did the magazine mention the 1914 doctrine at all?

    The last JW organization magazine article I read on the end was on the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse - and I think there was no overt mention of the 1914 doctrine.

    Those of us who are getting on in years well remember JW magazine articles of a few decades ago that prominently featured the 1914 doctrine. I think they are not focusing as prominently on it with their current articles.But just checking days of future passed: Did they refer to it?

    Edited to add: I just checked the article out on JW org - as expected, not one reference to 1914 or World War One! Moreover, the writer(s) portray the atomic clock at a few minutes after 12.

    I thought the end was supposed to be hit by irremedial catastrophies when the clock strikes 12?

  • NewYork44M

    I am confused. I thought the d2d witnessing is over. Also, is the Awake even in existence? I thought they have moved to the cheaper to print brochures.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    "The Watchtower" and "Awake!" still exist as shells in name only, and next year are changing to only 3 issues each annually.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    first instruction was to not leave them at not homes. I get sales brochures thicker, and more interesting.

  • mentalclarity

    There's this great book by Anabelle Mooney called "The rhetoric of religious cults : terms of use and abuse" She analyzes a pamphlet by JWs (can't remember which one now). It is extremely interesting- she points out all the manipulative language used. Once I read her analysis, I could never read JW stuff the same again. The assumptions and generalizations made without specifying sources..."scientists agree bla bla bla" What scientists? "Logically we can conclude..." when it's not a logical conclusion at all! She goes on to state the whole guise of offering "bible studies" when in actuality you're offering a way to conversion. She looks at several cults- not just JWs. The way the literature is written and presented is very carefully planned- there is no question about that.

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