Do JWs Say They Are Fulfilling Prophetic Bible Prophecies Any Longer?

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  • LongHairGal


    I can’t imagine they are still doing this. They have already reached ridiculous heights with their presumptuousness.

    Back when I was “studying” with the JWs, my very self-righteous, rather arrogant conductor told me the story about the arrests of those JW guys.

    They said it was a fulfillment of a prophecy and they showed me the scripture...🙄 I didn’t buy it but (of course) I kept my thoughts to myself. Were I to voice any doubt, I would receive put-downs and veiled insults relating to my young age, ignorance, etc.

    I also didn’t buy it about some assembly somewhere having some major significance.

    I ALSO didn’t buy it when they said I should quit my full time decent job and pursue housecleaning because “better people than me have done housecleaning”🙄 Thankfully, I resisted this!

    Later on, when I had several major rude awakenings, all this was added to the list. After the 1995 thing, the “fader” door was waiting for me!

  • Finkelstein

    In 1919 J Rutherford president of the WTS proclaimed that the IBSA soon to be the JWS were god's chosen organization because they were preaching a true and accurate version of the Gospel.

    The assumption that mankind was living in the last days (End Times) was associated with the previous dates of Christ taking his throne in heaven (1874, 1914 etc.) an unscriptural apostate activity according to the bible.

    True and righteous adherents to Christ's teachings were only by their organization, all other Christian based faiths were false religions that had fallen under Satan's controlling influence.

    This self assuming identification of being pure and more righteous than any other Christian faith still carries to this day.

  • minimus

    So how does a Witness let all that wasted time not get to them? It would piss me off knowing that every Tuesday night was another waste of time! I really don’t think they can defend that. They look like total dopes.🤡🤡

  • TD

    The entire religion from start to finish is based upon typology. The idea that they've given this up (Or could even if they wanted to) is a pipe dream.

    The more outrageous parallels are gone, but the important ones are all still intact.

  • Phizzy

    Where is their justification for the application of a character in a parable, the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" to themselves ? Self-appointed jackasses !

  • Earnest

    minimus : So how does a Witness let all that wasted time not get to them?

    I remember when we studied the article This Is the Way You Approved, in May 2015, which discussed the simpler understanding of scripture which didn't include types and antitypes.This was huge. Decades of Bible understanding was wiped out in an hour.

    Nobody blinked. I discussed this with an elder afterwards and he said the majority of the congregation were relatively new and were simply not familiar with the edifice on which their faith was based.

    Wasted time. What wasted time. That's old light.

  • Boredposter

    Not to worry, in ten years or so they will come back with more typical/anti-typical b.s. and call it new light. What is old is new again they say.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Yet they pick and choose which types/antitypes still apply... Nebuchadnezzar's Seven Times is one example and their core 1914 doctrine is based on it. They never tire of trying to pound square pegs into round holes.

  • TD

    Yes. The last time I checked, Jehovah's Witnesses still believe in a 2520 year period known as the "Gentile Times." This period is derived using Nebuchadnezzar's "Tree dream" and subsequent seven years of madness as a template (i.e. a type) for a larger fulfillment. Not only is that idea not explicitly stated anywhere in the Bible, it is derived by jumping back and forth between the books of Daniel and Revelation at will.

    Similarly, unless I am terribly mistaken, Jehovah's Witnesses still believe we are living in the "Last Days" and that a "Great Tribulation" lies ahead, both of which had a typical fulfillment in the destruction of Jerusalem. They believe these "Last Days" are marked by wars, famine, pestilence, etc., all of which find parallels in the Olivet.

    They believe that Jesus' assurance to his audience that his words would be fulfilled before a generation had passed has a larger fulfillment in an "Overlapping generation" of anointed today. Like the 2520 "Prophetic years," this idea is derived by jumping willy-nilly back and forth between different books of the Bible.

    This is how Premillennialism works. Without typology, there's nothing left.

    Even the name, "Jehovah's Witnesses" itself is a parallel they've drawn between themselves and ancient Israel without any explicit support.

  • minimus

    When Witnesses ignore that they were teaching untruth for years and quite frankly don’t give a shit simply because they’re told to forget about all the wrong untrue teachings, it gets me irritated. It’s the major reason why I would never return to the cult.

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