Do JWs Say They Are Fulfilling Prophetic Bible Prophecies Any Longer?

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  • minimus

    EVERY BIBLE BOOK pretty much was applied to the “anointed remnant “. If a prophet blew his nose it was a fulfillment of a future deed done by the “anointed”.

    Have they stopped this nonsense??

  • Whynot

    Last time I checked, all prophecies have been fulfilled except for the great tribulation which leads to Armeddon.

  • Finkelstein

    Sure they proclaim they are preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Truth ) in line with the first century Christians.

    The GB men claim they are the "faithful" anointed ones spoken about in the bible.

    The WTS leaders created their own self supporting propaganda for their power and position and a means to cultivate support from the hearing public, of course the bible says something completely different.

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    Prophetic Bible prophecies?

    Who prophesies prophetically?

    The faithful slave's overlapping generations understanding has made those anti-typicals redundant.


  • Earnest

    QFR, 15 March 2015

    Humans cannot know which Bible accounts are shadows of things to come and which are not. The clearest course is this: Where the Scriptures teach that an individual, an event, or an object is typical of something else, we accept it as such. Otherwise, we ought to be reluctant to assign an antitypical application to a certain person or account if there is no specific Scriptural basis for doing so.

    So ... our publications in recent years have emphasized the lessons we can learn from Bible accounts instead of trying to find typical and antitypical patterns and fulfillments.

  • minimus
    minimus then , ALL those book studies featuring Prophecies involving Jehovah’s Witnesses was a humongous waste of time??? We could have had every Tuesday night off !😠

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Typical / Antitypical...First part of fulfillment, last part... and don't forget 'literal'

    In the 2009 WT there were 14 mentions in the insight book, 474 in the Watchtower, and 107 mentions of 'antitypical' in books.

    Didn't your brain go numb trying to get these anomalies straight in your head? How many times did we study those now archaic abandoned books? "Know Jehovah" "Man's Salvation" "Daniel book" and on and on! And now, poof! gone! "Hey, we don't do that anymore, forget we use to do that, it's just not necessary"

    *** dp chap. 13 p. 211 par. 2 Two Kings in Conflict ***
    2 How thrilled Daniel must have been to hear the angel reveal to him in detail the rivalry between two forthcoming kings! The drama is of interest to us as well, for the power struggle between the two kings stretches into our day. Seeing how history has shown the first part of the prophecy to be true will strengthen our faith and confidence in the certainty of fulfillment of the last part of the prophetic account.
    *** gt chap. 97 Workers in the Vineyard ***
    Is that first-century fulfillment the only fulfillment of Jesus’ illustration? No, the clergy of Christendom in this 20th century have, by reason of their positions and responsibilities, been “first” to be hired for work in God’s symbolic vineyard

    *** gt chap. 111 Sign of the Last Days ***
    When does Jesus’ prophecy have a first fulfillment, but when does it have a major fulfillment?

    *** hp chap. 15 Is “the End of the World” Near? ***
    Why should we look for another fulfillment of the “sign,” and how would it differ from the first fulfillment? (13-16)

    *** ka chap. 6 pp. 94-95 par. 29 Priests for Ten Centuries with No Scheming Priestcraft ***
    But when did the antitypical tent or temple, the “true tent” with its “holy place,” come into existence? It was while the typical temple built by King Herod the Great was still standing in Jerusalem. It was in the early autumn of the year 29 of our Common Era. How was this so? What happened then to call for the true temple?
    *** ka chap. 6 p. 100 par. 43 Priests for Ten Centuries with No Scheming Priestcraft ***
    43 Instead of climaxing the antitypical Day of Atonement by entering into a typical “holy place” inside the typical tent or temple, High Priest Jesus Christ entered “into heaven itself” where the “person of God” is. This heavenly residence of the very person of God is the true Most Holy, the Holy of Holies, the Holiest of all.

    *** ka chap. 16 p. 304 par. 28 Completion of the Foretold “Sign” Nears ***
    28 It becomes plain that, in his prophecy, Jesus was using the city of Jerusalem not only in a literal sense but also in a typical sense, as prefiguring something else of greater proportions. ........ He was thinking of the antitypical unfaithful Jerusalem, namely, one of modern times. And what is that? It is Christendom with her hundreds of conflicting religious sects.—1 Corinthians 10:11.

  • minimus

    So all those writings were simply bullshit. Just ignore it now. Of course if you ever questioned their most current belief, you’d be looked at with suspicion or perhaps kicked out of the religion

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation feeding bullshit to the masses for over a century .

    This organization was always a commercialized false prophet via its operation as a religious publishing house.

    It has destroyed thousands of lives, killed thousands and broken apart millions of families, a true indication of its damaging effects toward humanity.

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    They said it indeed. But right after it they also said that the way Jesus shared the multiplied bread (handing to the disciples and then, the disciples handing to the people) was foreseeing the way He would feed people spiritually today (The GB bulshit).

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