Hello to all - I am Kaz's hubby & new here

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  • kaz

    Hello to everyone

    I am Kaz's hubby, but I am having to use her "name" as I don't seem able to sign on for a name of my own, is it because we are using the same computer and phone line?

    I am now out of the JWs after over twenty years of brainwashing

    I hope to come back on here when I can sort out a name - perhaps some-one can help me please.


  • Angharad

    Hi Afton

    Welcome to the board - you should be able to register a new name even though you share a computer, you need to have an email address that is different to the one Kaz used to register.

  • teejay

    What up, Afton? Welcome to the funny farm!

    I can't say for sure, but you may have figured out why you couldn't sign up under your own username. Email or pm Simon and let him know. He's usually a pretty reasonable fellow. Looking forward to what you have to say on stuff.

    Again, WELCOME!

  • mouthy

    Welcome Afton.Great to have you aboard.... 20 years ? How did you manage to break to bonds???/Or did they give you the left foot of fellowship. This is a placew of UNconditional love........ We are glad you came. Grace

  • nightwarrior

    Hi Afton

    Welcome - 20 years - well you should have lots of fun on here. The process is made all the more easier because you will have so many friends on here. and I mean real friends not fickle ones like the jws.

    We are in London, where are you?

    Mrs Nightwarrior (of the no name so I use my husbands name class!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • DJ

    Hi Kaz's hubby....welcome!!Have you read any of Franz's books? I have been out for 7 years and I wish that I had his books back then. I highly recommend both of them to you and kaz. Love, dj

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  • xjw_b12

    WELCOME AFTON.....and may you post OFTEN !

    There you go. An Alias for you.......OftenAfton.

    You're Welcome

  • JamesThomas
  • blondie

    Welcome, Afton.

    Blondie and Irreverent

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