Is It Still A Man's World?

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  • happyout

    Yes, it is still a man's world, and it will be a long time before that changes. While I am female, I don't agree that "equality" should extend to mixed sporting events. Just the basic body build and mass of the majority of women makes this rather a silly thought. I would like to see more women's sports on TV, and pumped like the men's sports. Given that there are so many females who are now active in sports, I really believe the audience is there. Having a women compete, as in the upcoming Colonial event, with a bunch of men attracts an audience, but is not a true level field.

    As for the WTS not allowing women to address the congregation via talks (are they still called the number 1 and 4 talks in the school?), well that's typical. When your Bible has been translated to fit your beliefs, it makes it really difficult later in the century to go back and change things.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Happyout & breal, as to this golf event, Annika was 'invited'. It's not as though she bullied herself to prove a point, no way, and I'm with her 100%.

    This event lead me to ask the question, just why there's is no female anointed on the GB since they too will partake of the heavenly calling, according to the JW teachings.

    My other question was, why the fuss?

    Why is it OK for men to have female 'strippers' at a bachelor party with NO QUALMS?

    guest 77

  • happyout

    I understand Ana was invited, but it still opens the door to the question of whether she should have accepted. I just don't see the fairness in having a woman compete in man's event when there would be a brouhaha if a man were invited to compete at a woman's event. That's my opinion, and I respect that we disagree. However, you are right, your original questions were about the GB. I thought I had addressed my idea on that, the NWT was "translated" by dubs to reflect their beliefs. Since it so obviously shows women in a subservient position, it would be difficult, if not impossible for the GB to now turn around and allow women even if they wanted to. Interestingly, I think Furple Carr's book may have had some effect on them finally naming a black member, along with the fact that the Mormon church finally started accepting blacks as ministers, or whatever terminology they use, and the WTS had to at least show some diversity in its upper ranks also.

    I'm not sure what you mean by all the fuss, unless you are back to the Ana thing, and I think the fuss is some men are starting to feel intruded upon. Hard for me to say for sure, being a woman and all, but I notice a little resentment coming from the men in regards to women wanting to participate in all the same things.

    Have a great night,


  • AGuest
    Is it still a man's world?


    "... but it wouldn't be NUTHIN'... without a woman or a girrrrrrllll..."

    James Brown - "This is a Man's World"



  • breal

    Guest 77 - hmm...not sure where I gave the idea of being against it - I am more of a "live and let live" or "to each there own" type of mentality. I simply won't watch the tournament - but then again I wouldn't watch if it was say Tiger Woods either as I am not into golf other than pitch n putt. As I said before more power to these women....and hey if she was invited she must have what it takes.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Aguest, you got that right. Without them, where would anyone of us be, of course, it takes two tangle.

    Happyout, should Annika 'accepted?' Yes. I'm glad she did and I'm I've of the opinion that she should like to WIN! This is an interesting subject to discuss. When it comes to brute strength women are saddled. When it comes to finesse, professional women golfers have it. Annika's stats. on golf compared with men, she's right up there.

    breal, yeah, why not? '..more power to these women'.

    I've been a sports nut since childhood and for me it wasn't about winning or losing but just being part of the team and get to play the sport. Fun has been replaced by fame, glory and MONEY.

    The people who benefit from this golfing event are the MONEY MAKERS! Not surprising.

    Guest 77

  • dubla
    Why is it OK for men to have female 'strippers' at a bachelor party with NO QUALMS?

    why not? whats wrong with it? if there are women that enjoy showing off their bodies, and can make a good living doing it, whats wrong with having them entertain at a bachelor party? whats wrong with male strippers entertaining women at a bachelorette party? they are all just entertainers, and god knows entertainment is big money.

    youve made some valid points on this thread, but this one just threw me for a not sure what strippers have to do with male/female equality...?


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Dubla, it's gotta do with mentality. Many males golfer objected to Anninka playing with the boys. Ah, playing with the boys! These same men have no qualms with females playing or entertaining them, do they?

    By the way, she didn't qualify to play the week-end. After viewing and listening to all the comments about her participation, I was happy to learn it was all positive.

    The two male golfers who played alongside her gain great experience. They were very supportive. Her participation elevated the game just as Tiger Woods did. Competitive golf is a pressure packed game. She has great credentials and she proved it even though she didn't play to her standards. In short, women should be respected, on or off the course.

    Guest 77

  • JH

    To your original question, the bible puts man on top of woman, just like God is over Christ.

    It will always be a man's world...even if woman are superior...

  • IslandWoman

    Is It Still A Man's World?

    Yes, it is. There are three reasons for that.

    1. Men wanted it that way.

    2. Women have been trained to want it that way.

    3. The establishing of a semi civilized society required it to be that way.

    What is necessary now is the abolition of the second reason and recognition that to achieve a totally civilized society women must co-rule. :)

    The first reason will fade as men come to the realization that they have nothing to fear from women.

    Linda :)

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