XJW’s ‘Quickbuild’ and the Case Of The Chemical Toilet.

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    We all know ‘quick-builds’, the places that blue collar congregation workers finally get to make jokes about the Elders of Management and how ridiculous they look in hard hats and get away with it.

    Minimus : How many people do you think it will take to complete this work?

    JH: Strange, I was about to ask exactly the same question.

    SwordOfJah: Huh?

    Simon: What do have there E’Man, looks like a weapon of mass destruction to me?

    E’Man : Its a chemical toilet.

    Simon : E’Man, I was only joking, I knew that it is was a toilet!

    JWOnline : Liar!

    Minimus and JH in duet : How would you define a ‘liar’?

    Farkel - Shut the both up!

    Abbadon: That no toilet. Its called a Jerry.

    Jerry Bergman : Abbadon you are a typical Darwinist pseudo-builder, can’t see the PH.D’s for the DNA’s. Keep my name out of this, and pass me the spanner.

    Abbadon: I can manage that but that does not mean Jerry-Can.

    Jerry Bergman : I have more degrees than Mercators Projection and I am still humble. I wish Darwinists showed my humilty.

    Farkel : Red herring, circular reasoning, straw-man arguments, seen them all.

    Prisca : How could you say that you have seen them all. Are you saying that you have seen every argument ever constructed.

    Farkel : Yes.

    Hillary_Step: What do you think of this song?

    Clash_City_Rockers : Stinks, but not hallf as muchh as yoo, you atheisstik prevert. I can smel yoo from hire. You are a lieing big hed.

    Hillary_Step : Charming! Remind me not to download him.

    Clash_City_Rockers : Stai awai from me with those lukky charms else God will smite you very hard.

    Brummie: When are we all going to be friends? Why let this toilet come between us all.

    Gamaliel : Charles Russell invented the first chemical toilet, which he attached to his rear-end by means of a long prophecy. He was thus able to carry it with him through life ready for action. He eventually married it.

    MrMoe : I wish we could all just be nice to one another.

    JH : What is being nice to one another?

    Blondie : The WTS CD Rom says that is …………

    Minimus : What constitutes a good friend?

    Farkel : I like friends, but I hate you and I hate your toilet, I especially hate you on your toilet.

    SF: Get yourselves over to chat - If you Kemical Konstruction workers dare! I’ll show you what a Skally -Wagger can do with a toilet-brush, a Bible and a Masons compass. HaHaHaHAAAA.

    TchiChi : Did someone say chemical? I told you so did I not - they have found chemicals!

    SwordOfJah : Huh?

    Stephanus: Wheres the Hall?

    TH: If you follow these twenty-seven links, and turn left you should see it ahead - you dummy.

    Scholar : Actually, you will find that there are twenty-eight links, not twenty-seven.

    Stephanus : No not that Hall you Hound, Fred Hall.

    TH: How was I to know what Hall you meant you ****** and ****** and big *****.

    AlanF : Here’s Scholar again on his low horse. The Hebrew for twenty-eight actually means twenty-seven, but I would never expect you to understand you braindead Braindead.

    Wildhorses : Can’t we all just be friends. I wish I had a million toilets, I would give all you lovely people one each.

    AlanF : Toilets go in bathrooms, ‘Scholars’ go in toilets. It is a logical progression that one cannot expect WTS diseased thinkers to understand.

    E’Man : You are all looking flushed…lol. Get it - flushed!

    SwordOfJah : Huh?

    Valis : You people, there is an Apostafest down the road hic, belch ( sound of breaking bottles ).

    You Know : Any loose women there?….Oh God, I cannot believe I actually said that. ( sound of repeated and violent self-flagellation ).

    Simon : This thread is locked.

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  • rocketman
  • myself

    Now that skit has personality, LOVED IT!!!

  • waiting

    Hey HS!

    Man...........I'm feelin' lonely & left out NOW!

    E’Man : You are all looking flushed…lol. Get it - flushed!

    Now..........THAT one catures the essence of Eman's humor!


  • Brummie

    I have NEVER laughed so much in my entire life! Captured everyone bang on!



  • Prisca

    Very funny - even I get a mention!

  • Valis

    eh.....now ya done stepped in it hill..."hic"


    District Overbeer

  • Joyzabel


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    Wait, there is a scripture on chemical toilets, lemme see....also, I detected five grammatical errors in the above post. Did you catch them?

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