Netherlands will be Spiced as well

by SpiceItUp 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • SpiceItUp

    I just got more details and guess what..............

    Yes I will be in Amsterdam after all

    May 31st - June 2nd

    So if any of you "Netherlanders" would like to meet up please gimme a hollar

    PM me or but remember that I will have limited access, if any, to a computer after Friday (May 23)

  • greven

    PM'ed ya!

  • Aztec

    Damn, looks like Europe is gonna be one spicey place..LOL! Have a fun trip! :) ~Aztec

  • SpiceItUp
    SpiceItUp have been PM'd too

    Do you know of any good place to meet up??

    Maybe a nice pub?

    Since Ive never been there I'm open to suggestions.

  • Vivamus

    How about Grand Central Station Amsterdam for meetup. I'm in!

  • SpiceItUp

    Ummm....well Viv...I have no idea where that is

    check your PM.....and see if that will help

  • SpiceItUp

    Since I am off and running to Europe tommorrow.........

    Viv has agreed to help organize this little meet-up. So if anyone wants information on this please contact her.

    Oh and a big thank you to Viv for helping with this since I will be traveling and not near a computer shortly. ((((((Viv)))))

  • Vivamus


    Anyone thats interested, we [Spicey and me ] figured Sunday, June 1st, would be the day. So anyone interested in a meetup in Amsterdam, drop me a line at:

  • Dansk

    We'd love to be there, Viv, but can't make it

    It was really lovely meeting you in Manchester. We enjoyed your Pizza Hut routine

    Glad you got home safely.


    Dansk and Physio

  • Vivamus

    LOL, that Pizza song is gonna haunt me forever, isn't it

    I loved meeting you guys too, I had an awesome time.

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