Where am I?

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  • teejay
    On my bad days I think about returning to the Kingdom Hall. Maybe I am one of those who needs the sense of security found there. There are more bad days than good right now. I feel like I am lost and it frightens me. Reality is difficult to deal with. I certainly understand why people stick close to their "faiths" whatever they may be. I need some faith and hope.

    Joel, on your other thread I said:

    Recently on here there was a thread about depression – maybe not what you're talking about, but bear with me.

    One poster mentioned the efforts they personally took to solve their problems and, based on the degree of depression that affected them, helped themselves.

    Another poster came along to say that just because Poster 1 was able to solve *their* problems should not be taken to mean that *everyone* could. Depression takes many forms in varying degrees of severity. Poster Two made a very serious and important point: Many (most) people suffering from it need professional help.

    I've read your posts for two years – read about your highs and lows, learned (as much as you've been willing to share) about Mitch... been to your website... the whole nine. I think I have a pretty good fix on you as a person. I wonder: have you in the past or are you now seeing a therapist? I've gotten counseling myself and believe me... it does a lot of good.

  • Kenneson

    Hi Joelbear,

    If you want security look within. It will never come from without.

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