Antiwitnessing: cowards

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  • john.prestor

    So I'm downtown and I see two JWs hanging out on a bench by a cart. I approached them and said, I saw you guys on the news, there was a child abuse cover-up in Philadelphia. They don't respond and just look at me. I go, You don't want to talk about that? I find that disturbing. The woman says snidely, Well how could I talk about it if I haven't seen it? I said you could look it up on your phone, she was looking at her phone right there. I'll look it up later she says. I said No you won't and I walked off.

    What incredible gall.

  • OneEyedJoe

    This approach seems unlikely to accomplish anything other than giving you a feeling of superiority.

  • Finkelstein

    One thing you have to understand is JWS inherent arrogance and self righteous superiority.

    People on the street which they see and meet are lowly worldly people and identified as such.

    Its deeply indoctrinated into JWS minds so when you approach them with damaging contravening information about their organization, it gets rejected like Teflon on glass.

  • _Morpheus
  • Dunedain

    They also really like it when you scream at them at the top of your lungs, and incoherently babble about nothing in particular. They LOVE that.

    Also next time you see them kick the corner of the cart itself, and try to dump all the literature on the ground too. That REALLY works also.

    Great job!!!

  • _Morpheus

    There two critical flaws in john’s approach.

    First is the lack of any geuine care about the result. Tied up with that is john’s own inferiority complex.

    you see john calls them cowards and seems to feel like a ‘big man’ because he mouthed off to them.. but if they are indeed the cowards he thinks them to be, why mouth off at all? One need not kick a puppy cowering a corner for protection.

    If john really cared about results he could have casusually asked the dubs if they saw that Report he mentioned and built on it. If they say no he could have filled a few details, offered some sympathetic remarks about how awful child abuse is etc etc...

    Instead he acted like a moron and demanded that somehow the witness be aware of something that HE thought they should be aware of , dispite already telling him they wernt aware, and acted like an ass when the dub didnt cowtow to his insane demand to look it up on the spot.

    No regard for outcome, clearly knows witnesses wont be aggressive with him and takes advantage to help build his low self esteem.

    Congrats john! *slow clap* you stood up to pacifists! Perhaps next time you could try taking some lollipops from toddlers. They have a firm grip and may provide more of a challenge.

  • john.prestor

    Morpheus, I don't appreciate your personal attacks which are malicious and false. I tried to tell two people about child abuse, that's it. Mind your own if you're going to be an ass. Ever heard of constructive criticosm? Morpheus, you don't know a thing about my self esteem, want me to make ungrounded claims about you?

    It's insane to look it up on the spot? Please, they're out there looking for conversations and yet they avoid the subject.

    I didn't shout, I didn't curse them out, I asked a simple question and got hostility back, just like I'm getting from you.

    And dunadein, why would I do something like that? A simple question on my part turns into a barrage of insults from you.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    f*kin ell Morph--whats got into you ?

  • joe134cd

    I was talking to an elder on the carts a couple weeks back. To be honest although I didn’t know the guy (and that was the reason I approached him) I actually quite liked him on first impression. I listened to him, didn’t raise my voice and let him have his say. He actually knew about the child abuse issue although I had to fill him in on a few facts. My last 2 sentences to him where: I think the internet is killing them. Things are certainly brewing and when it all comes out in the wash as to what’s going on there are going to be a lot of devestated upset people.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Why does John have to do it a certain way? I have my way of talking with a JW that may not match his, but I recognize he's a different person than me.

    Let them go back to their congregation and talk down about him. Oh, he said "why don't you look up an abuse case in Philadelphia? And I just looked him in the eye until he walked away! After all, it's just lies isn't it?" And someone listening will be curious and look it up for themselves.

    You never know.

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