Finally they came to my door!

by Beans 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cruzanheart
    I would have liked to be a fly on the wall when they got into the car. I can just imagine the conversation.

    Yeah, they were probably saying "I want to call back on him and see if we can bring him into the truth -- what a hottie!"


  • Preston
    "I want to call back on him and see if we can bring him into the truth -- what a hottie!"

    Not if I can help it, I'd be tempting Beans back with more evil slave literature than you can shake a stick at...

  • archangel01

    to Mole,

    You brought out a great point. There was so many "CLIQUES" in my hall. I use to think it was just in our hall but.............After talking on line and to people on the phone I found it was at EVERY hall. I was like HOLY F@$K NOWAY thats what goes on at my hall. I thank the LORD for letting me see all that, I know now they are false. So one day I just left, an never looked back, no letter, no talking/telling so & so, No...I just stopped going an left, right out of thin air LOL. I feel Great and free in the LORD!!!!!!!!!!! All you need is to do research and get a Bible that the JW haven't messed with LOL. The Bible/JESUS is ALL U NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well take care all!!!!!!!

  • joannadandy

    But were you wearing the pants???

  • greven
    "so how do you know so much"? Are you disfellowshipped?

    Says it all really...


  • mouthy

    Beans!!!!! I bet you did a planting job!!!!! Great man. You should have asked em in for a beer!!! I am sure they would have come.... ( such a great looker you are)

    Mole !!!! welcome pull up a chair & experience the UNconditional love here!!!

  • Beans

    Joannadandy, I didn't have the pants but that would have made the conversation much better! Yes mouthy I should have invited them in for a beer as one of the sisters was German I'm sure she would have loved it eh!


  • unique1

    I asked them about Lev 3:17 as it states to abstain from FAT and BLOOD, so I asked why do you not abstain from fat as it is clearly stated equally to abstain from that and why only half of the scripture is obayed? They gave me some bull about fat was meant to be burnt, a load of crap answer!

    The usual answer to that is the fat commandment wasn't restated in the new testament. Where I believe it was Paul that said, I admonish you brothers that you keep abstaining from these things, namely blood and things strangled and idols.

    Supprized they weren't trained well enough to pull that one out of their @ss. Wow I have been doing that preaching thing too long.

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