For those that read the bible, does the true message of scripture still come through in NWT?

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  • Sequoia

    I'm used to the King James version, and what I've had read to me from the NWT sounds pretty different. There are some things that are similar, but it seems like a lot of Scripture twisting to me.

  • schnell
    To name an example, words like grace are so present in this NIV Bible, and I think the replacement in the NWT of grace for 'undeserved kindness' really is a shame. It does not read the same, and to me it feels like the meaning also changes somehow.

    @Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu, I agree, and I debated this with a JW yesterday online. He insisted that "undeserved kindness" is the same thing and that we DON'T deserve it. It seems pathological that he would prefer this, but he probably doesn't see it that way.

  • Steel

    The bible is extremely boring and quite complex. I really hate when people say reading it is so life changing. Some parts of it are done right nasty. I actually have a so called childrens niv with warnings to say out of parts of the new testament.

    I do enjoy listening to academics and real scholars talk about it. It is quite interesting if you deal with people who know what they are talking about.

    The problem i have with nwt is it tries to isolate and obscure single verses assuming the reader doesn't know the intent of the authors. New testament writers believed jesus was the physical manifestation of jehovah god from the old testament. There is no big picture in the nwt.

    Its so stupid, its not even the bible.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Overall, I don't think that they changed the message of the Bible, but the main thing is that they gotten rid of the deity of Christ.

  • Carol1111

    I have found e-sword very useful.

    It gives the meaning of the words taken from the original language, and several versions of the Bible.

    Or get a copy of Strong's concordance.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    NikL, I am not nit picking when I say that perhaps you ought to re-think your question.

    It contains an assumption that there is a message in the Bible and that there is a correct interpretation of this message.

    Think laterally; ask why are the writings there in the first place, why were the texts retained. The wrong primary question to ask is; what do they mean.

    As we know the Bible first began with the Roman Church in the fourth century from an anthology of texts suited to the unifying goals of the Roman Empire. By choosing texts which brought together all of the important pagan cults, it satisfied both the secular and religious aims as represented in the Roman functionary who was called Pontifex Maximus (literally, the great bridge maker i.e. between heaven and earth). He was also known as the Pontiff or Pope or Papa, these very names were borrowed from the leader of the Mithraic cult. From this same pre-Christian source we get the notion of a heavenly reward after life, the memorial supper and most of the NT eschatology ("last things").

    Nearly all of the Bible texts are borrowed and blended from yet earlier literary borrowings, the originals never claimed to be inspired of God because they were mainly folk stories told and retold for entertainment and transmission of their respective tribal culture lore.

    So why should the Bible have a message other than the Roman demand for an empire wide Catholic faith?

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    As Vanderhoven 7 said - use whichever translation she's comfortable with, because no Bible translation is perfect. Good tip to try - use an online Hebrew/Greek concordance (such as Blue Letter Bible) in order to "enhance" your study.

    Your wife's eyes may be opened to how seriously corrupted the NWT is as it tries to push the org's doctrines.

  • scratchme1010

    Just wondering if you thought the true message of the bible will shine through the deliberate tampering of the NWT?

    There's not such thing as a "message" from the Bible. From that perspective, it doesn't matter. If you want to show that the NWT has been translated to accommodate the nonsense from the WT, then have a nice study about the differences between the NWT and other versions. From that point of view it could be interesting to compare notes.

    If you expect to figure out life and the future using any bible, good luck.

  • freddo

    If you have the WT's own interlinear to hand (or on the tablet she uses) that is useful and then you can just say "honey let's look at the interlinear" every time you are aware NWT puts Jehovah for Jesus or Lord when it shouldn't or at least when it is debateable.

    Maybe other things like "Wonder why the NWT translates that word as "obeisance" when talking about Jesus and "worship" at all other times?

    Or "Wonder why we changed Hebrews 1 v 6 from worship to obeisance?"

    That sort of thing.

  • notalone

    Dear NicL,Yes, you can find 'the message' or truths from the NWT. When we started our path we strictly used only the NWT, but not the new grey version. A CO told me directly that the grey one one easier to understand but the older translation was more accurate. So I never went to the grey one for study. Recently, the org has distanced itself from even their own bible and long held understandings that it becomes clear something is wrong. We next went to the interlinear and Strong's concordance. For those in the org a long time we recognize these were referenced alot in the past. This took us to Bible Hub where we found versions we felt were accurate and easier to understand. I think the gradual transition is the best way to wean yourself off the NWT>

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