For those that read the bible, does the true message of scripture still come through in NWT?

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  • NikL

    My active and in JW wife is up for reading bible together. Thing is she wants to use NWT.

    I have problems with that translation as you my imagine.

    Just wondering if you thought the true message of the bible will shine through the deliberate tampering of the NWT?

    I know many people here don't like or want to read the bible and think it's rubbish anyway, so if that's you, you can save your comments :-)

    I am asking those that still read and study the scriptures.

  • sparrowdown

    Yes I think it's possible, but I don't think the bible translation is the problem the WT filter that all dubs read/ hear all material through is the problem.

    So maybe if you could use scriptures not often used or read by JWs .....maybe.

  • Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu
    Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu

    Since a couple of months I am reading the New International Version. For me, reading the NIV brings a whole different feeling of reading than the NWT. To name an example, words like grace are so present in this NIV Bible, and I think the replacement in the NWT of grace for 'undeserved kindness' really is a shame. It does not read the same, and to me it feels like the meaning also changes somehow. To answer your question; for topics such as grace, no, I don't think the right message shines through when reading the New World Translation. Since I have the NIV, I have stopped reading the NWT.

    Also, I don't feel comfortable in the fact that the NWT has added the name of Jehovah in places where the name shouldn't be. Furthermore, things like how they render Acts 20:28 is a problem to me. It is adding words that should not be there. I do not think the NWT is a good Bible.

  • Ding

    The NWT certainly has a number of mis-"translations" designed to promote WT interpretations.

    My suggestion would be for you to get a recognized translation or two for your own use (NIV, ESV, RSV, NASB, etc.). Bibles with multiple recognized translations in parallel columns are available.

    Although your wife may insist on using the NWT, at least you'll be able to read ahead, compare translations, and locate the trouble spots.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I would say "sure"...go ahead with the version she is comfortable with. No version is perfect anyway. Lots of truth in the NWT, but whatever book you are studying together, I would have at least one other translation handy for comparison purposes.

    Besides, the extra-biblical teachings are already in her head; so she will be bringing WT interpretation to the text anyway. I would not challenge/contradict her on the extra stuff she adds but just say that you don't see that in the text but you are willing to hang that idea on a hook for now and go on. No good jumping around to questionably related material.

    Here are the rules I let Witnesses I study with know beforehand.


    i. There must be at least one scriptural reference that can

    be cited for support of any doctrinal claim or position.

    ii. Scriptural references must not be tampered with

    added to, deleted from, or have words substituted or

    meanings altered.

    iii. Scriptural references are considered arbitrarily linked

    unless it is shown that subject or content is clearly related.

    iv. Interpretations of biblical passages must take into

    consideration, context, including textual, situational cultural and historical contexts.

  • iwasblind

    I would say it is ok except anything relating to the divinity of Jesus, they have modified so much.

    I would also say make sure you make them read every scripture in context not just the cherry picking.

    I love for any translational issues. I use the NIV at the moment.

  • carla

    Use any bible but the NWT, as a jw I think she is supposed to be alright with that and the fact that you are 'the man'.

  • blondie

    Why not use several translations. The WTS quotes from other translations in their own publications.

    Authorized Version

    Living Bible Byington (published by WTS)

    The Online Library as has other bibles available for research.

  • Steel
    The new testament in the nwt is a complete abortion.
  • schnell

    Yeah, use a couple translations and compare. Do some "horizontal reading". Give her a taste of what the others say, and you might dispel a few notions about the NWT.

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