Reminder:Leah Remini Expose on J.W.'s airs Tuesday Nov.13 on A&E channel.

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  • flipper

    My wife and I are definitely looking forward to watching it ! Go Leah & Mike ! And the Ex-JW's who are also on the program. Do a good job of exposing the WT Society and informing people. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ShirleyW

    As i opened this site about a minute ago I remembered that tonight is the night! Set my cable box to switch over at 9pm.

  • KiddingMe

    Looking forward to seeing it.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Updated Panel Participants on Leah Remini program on A&E this evening:

    Here are their faces matched up with their names:

  • Finkelstein

    Well good more exposure to the harm and damage this particular cult causes.

    I assume they will go into the Dfing policy which has caused so mush trouble in people's lives, not to mention the no Blood doctrine which has caused thousands of deaths and of course the pedophilia cover up.

    It really makes one wonder which cult is more harmful, the JWS or Scientology ?.

    Scientology will break up families and it too degrades the medical health profession but not to the point of causing death, they were both created by men to create wealth and power though.

  • LV101

    Unable to get the 'Anderson/Info' video to link/play -- bummer. Any other links? Thx

  • nonjwspouse

    I wonder if the video is on the “John cedars”

    You tube channel ?

  • dubstepped

    Are you all looking for links to watch the Leah Remini special?

  • LV101

    We're looking for the video above that AndersonInfo linked -- John Cedars/Lloyd Evans. I went onto Facebook and typed in info but there are several under Cedars/Evans and didn't have time to search through.

  • LV101

    dubstepped -- sorry if I misunderstood your question re/the show or the video.

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