today i hit pay dirt with 2 jw 's

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    well i call this sis back and we talked for almost 2 hours. It turns out that she was a methodist all her live and the jw's got to her daughter some 15 years ago./ so her daughter got her into the jw's when her pastor couldn't answer any bible questions. her church had no bible studies etc and always asked for tides.. i learned about a lot of jw scandles right here in my area. a whole cong of elders getting replaced for having a cong barbique and singing non jw songs. and a possible child molestion case.this woman kept telling me how the elders lord over the flock.. i think that upsetted her the most. the control. she wanted to talk about the trinity with out saying it. so we went over many verses that say that jesus is god , and that jesus is the creator and jehovah is the creator and the alpha and the omega. she was using 4 different bibles none nwt . i used the niv. i get the feeling that she has been questioning the elders a lot on this , as she said she was not getting any solid answers. i asked her if she knew that the wt taught that jesus was the arch angel michael. and that jesus and satan were brothers ...i made her get out the reasoning book and she was dumb founded.. we talked about the other sheep , and came to the thought that they are the gentiles and that therde is only one hope . seems that the jw's won her over when she got a knee replacement and the jw's were nicer than the methodists' it was quite a fruitful talk and i was surprised how much she was holding on to the trinity and being a jw at the same time. the girl has been doing some research or she is holding on to what she was taught as a methodist. what ever we talked about i tried to use the bible to prove the wt wrong. and thought i did well and she understanded what i was saying.. i have to say she is one of the few jw's that i talked to that had a open mind , a nice lady and we will talk again this week. john

  • sf

    Good 'work' my friend.


  • obiwan

    Cool, don't forget to write your time in as a rtv.

  • simplesally

    Hopefully, one of the 'sisters' doesn't report it to the elders about how they "listened" to you. Otherwise, they will be in hot water. You know, its funny how they still look down on jws who attend college even though the WT says its a personal decision and they even recommend going to a trade school or getting a 2 year degree, they just don't advocate/recommend going to a school where one must live in a dorm or on campus. I guess they don't want them to learn to drink from worldly people when they can learn that at jw parties that provide the free flowing alcohol!

  • Country_Woman

    I think that studying is just a very big danger for the JW: You will get more information then the JW's are considering appropriate, and getting those information will make you pretty soon an ex-wittness. (look at Vivamus) anyway, good job. CW

  • Pleasuredome

    nice one johnny! just dont go too overboard on telling them what to think. make sure that the important thing is that they are the ones who decide what to believe and not what somone else believes.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    just an up date on this thread. well i called back this sis yesterday just to talk . she said before how she liked to ask questions etc. well guess whatr the phone was disconnected!!!!!!!i can only wonder who told her to do such a thing.......john

  • little witch
    little witch

    Forget the stones, zeppelin, and ac/dc,

    YOU ROCK!!!!

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    update #2 i just got the other sis that i talked to that day on the phone. seems that her friend did move out of state this week .. so she says that's she is an aux pioneer. i go into some of the questions she had last week abouty that the wt is god's org etc. she says that the bible says to preach the good news etc. i say that;s great but the gal 1 says that if you teach a different gospel than the apostles teach you are acuressed. and jesus always had kingdom power eph 1'20-22 mt 28;18 etc not in 1914 can can she prove that jesus choose the wt in 1919 etc. well she siad that jehovah will deal with the wt at armageddom but she was doing her job. that she prayede for god to show her if the wt was thuth. etc. well i asked why do you think you met me you say that i know alot abojut the wt . could that be a sign? she says that she needs to find out for her self. i say thats fine lets have a study on some of your questions . or try reading a non wt bible and ask tyhe holy sprit to guide you . she was perplexed she know that the wt is wrong on many things. and i gave her a simple one to look up the 1914 generation as stated in every awake mag till 1995 pg 4 about the creators promise. again she said she don't have the time, she has to go to a recruitement study in the knowledge book with a new interested one. i was getting pissed off that she could see the wt was wrong many times over , but she still thought the study was more important than proving facts. i said how can you go to recruite someone when you can't back uot what the wt says...we talked about a lot of other things and she had no answers ie 144000 sons of christ , jw's not to have children alumimun vaccanations 1936 hitler . she amitted she has a lot to learn and i offered to help her . we left on good terms she is 67 years old and i will try aGAIN NEXT WEEK. JOHN

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