Is heavy metal demonized? YOUR vote counts!

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  • czarofmischief


    So, since I left the borg, I've been exploring all kinds a cool stuff that I wasn't allowed to do. Rated R movies, blood sausages, rap music, wearing my hat backwards, patriotism, sex.

    So, you know how the society and other fundies are always saying that heavy metal is the tool of the Devil? Do you think there is any backing to this? What are your thoughts?

    To put it more radically - am I going to Hell / being possessed / becoming a serial killer because of my White Zombie mp3's?

    CZAR of the "Electric Head" class

  • Introspection

    Not more so than other stuff.

  • Valis
    To put it more radically - am I going to Hell / being possessed / becoming a serial killer because of my White Zombie mp3's?

    Only if you play them backwards..


    District Overbeer

  • SpiceItUp

    First thing that popped to my mind is the movie "Heavy Metal" (great movie btw)

    Since it appears that you are talking about music I say the same thing.

    Music is music is music is music. Music is an art form...a form of self expression. Art is decifered by those that it reaches. This is one of those perception deals. cannot be demonized as it is an idea not a tangible item. Think about it...

    my .02 anyway


  • worldlygirl

    At the risk of using a WT buzz-phrase, I've always thought this was a matter of conscience. If you listen to it and it makes you feel like you want to bludgeon your mother, become an ax-wielding serial killer, kick your dog, etc. - then don't listen to it. Otherwise, if you're like me and just like the music without paying much attention to lyrics (whether good or bad), it's not a problem. Just my view.


  • czarofmischief

    But what if my dog really NEEDS kicking?

    CZAR "Puppyfoot"

  • worldlygirl
    But what if my dog really NEEDS kicking?

    Oh, what a MEANIE!! We have a dog-kicker in our midst!!! (But, really, if your dog NEEDS kicking, well then it's not the music, right???)

  • czarofmischief

    I don't know if my dog named Mydog is demonized or not.

    He's purple, has three heads, reads Nietzsche, and doesn't technically exist... and when his eyes glow from the back of my refrigerator I have this terrible urge to play Rob Zombie and do the Angry White Male dance. Mydog has been known to vote Republican and watches English soccer, and roots for Sheffield Wednesday

    Mydog has a motorcycle and likes to pick up loose women and drinks only cheap tequila!

    He also quotes profusely from MacBeth, owns more guns than any three headed purple Scotch Terrier should, crushes up cold pills to snort with his middle head.


  • Goshawk

    If you are going to listen to elevator music like White Zombie then you should have no worries. It is the harder stuff you need to worry about

  • rocketman

    czar - the only way you go to hell is if you download those MP3's without paying.

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