WT video "Protect Your Children" wins Award! (gag)

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  • badwillie
  • blondie

    If you would like to e-mail the makers and tell them what you think of the WTS getting the award:

    Email of award group
    IF you woudl like to email the award group that recently reconized WT it is listed here


  • asleif_dufansdottir

    You know, I'm starting to rethink the idea that some people should be destroyed by a vengeful god. It's starting to sound really good. The ones I think should be destroyed are the elders who df abuse victims, Bethel legal, and any JW who defends them on this issue. And I hope it's really horrible and painful and bloody, and starts with the realization that the society was never the "truth" or the right religion, and goes downhill from there!

    Asleif, of the "her husband warned us to never make her mad" class

  • Nikita


    As to the topic you have brought up it just makes me sick and angry.


  • sf

    This is an outrage! What the hell is going on here? An award for pedophiles? Is this a sick joke?

    What about February 16, 2003? Did that not move anyone in that country? Sure, moved them to bestow and AWARD!!!

    Absolutely unbelievable. Guess we are doomed now people. This world holds some pretty sick men in it. (yea yea ok, wo-men too) I am mortified. This organization is part of something bigger if this is what is happening. I can't make sense of all this stuff anymore. It's as if it's so big it will crush us. And that seems to be the plan.

    Looks as if this is defeat!! All that 'work' and for what?? They receive an award!!! AS IF!!!! ROFLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL and crying!!

    ~~growl~~sKally, unpredictable klass

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Hah. They need to change that video...

    "You think he's your friend and would never harm your child"

    "You think he will protect you and do what's right because he was appointed by Jehovah's holy spirit"

    "You think Jehovah's people don't do such things"

    "You think it's Jehovah's organization"

    You're Wrong

  • Faraon
    Gentlemen, As I understand it, you are an award group involved with the video "Protect Your Children" To begin with, please visit a Jehovah's Witnesses kingdom hall for two or three weeks. More than likely you will hear cries and slaps from children being taken by their mothers to get spanked in the washroom. MSNBC aired a special last May dealing with how the Watchtower protects pedophiles within the congregation. Ask the congregation librarian to show you the book that JW parents are supposed to show their teachers. Their children are not supposed to play in team sports after school. They constantly discourage higher education. They have a ruling by which people are supposed to shun their own parents or their children if they are disfellowshipped or they change religion. Enough said. Check any Internet site that does not subscribe to their beliefs, and you will find the truth about this family destructor. Sincerily

    Will this do?

  • Nikita

    asleif and Faraon-


  • Pepper

    A day late and dollar short, cover it up WT cover it up we all know there is a God; and he will kick your your proverbial ass's one day. Yes, draw in all the good hearted people make them feel feelings of closeness to God like the WT is directed by God. All the while your hurting children by playing the part of saints, when your really a bunch of snakes.


    Father of an abused child, whom the elders did nothing and would not even inform me, if not tell the police; suckers!!!!!


  • shamus

    DISGUSTING. What kind of organization is giving out this award??? ever hear of it??? Duh!

    JW'S promoting worldly beliefs in their literature? Worldly acclaim??? It's obviously some big frigging joke. I wish that I could use the explicit language here to say waht needs to be said. PRICKS.

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