I found a silver NWT at a very small library.

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  • carla

    My kids read all sorts of things some of which I agreed with and others not so much. It depended on the age and maturity just like movies.

    My kids had a number of Bibles to read but yes, I sure would have made an issue of NWT! then it would have been a long sit down and real study of Bibles, Greek, Hebrew etc.... lucky for me they were disgusted enough with jw-ism they did not to want to read the NWT.

    Today they are Christians each with their own churches they are very happy in.They love jw dad but do not agree with jw's at all.

  • carla

    As for Mein Kampf, I am married to a jw, they had a jw dad growing up (well for part of the time, they also had a pre jw life with him too), if it bleeds and is full of gloom and doom it was on tv! Had plenty of holocaust discussions. yep, I had to finally limit the gloom and doom series of the history channel and news at some point. It is just not healthy for growing minds (or anybody) to constantly dwell on all things bad. Games, playing outside and hikes are much better pastimes.

    The kids were all well read and mostly A students and are happy & healthy in life now. All I can ask for.

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