I found a silver NWT at a very small library.

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  • blownaway

    My wife and I went to War Eagle Ar Saturday. There is a small library. Its about 18 inches x 18 inches. We took some photos and my wife said look a NWT silver edition. I grabbed it. I would never pay for one and new I would run across one one day. This way I keep the propaganda out of some poor unsuspecting persons hands. I heard there was some changes. Lots of propaganda in the front. [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/2mqqn14.jpg[/IMG]

  • Listener

    What a cute little library.

  • respectful_observer

    Someone got to count that as a placement, I'm sure!

    They'll be so excited during their weekly stop while out in service and excitedly replace it with another one.

  • carla

    "They'll be so excited during their weekly stop while out in service and excitedly replace it with another one."- yep, that's why you need to replace it with some apostate literature of some sort, even if it just a print out from the internet. They will probably stop placing litter-ature there because demons frequent it. You could direct it to jw's themselves, 'jw's why do you protect pedophiles? ARC news.....' or something on that order. A heart wrenching shunning story would be good too, it's not like they are to find.

    Those cute little libraries popped up all over the place not long ago. I asked someone who had one why they allowed jw literature in there? (they made a little library for their yard) they said they didn't want to disallow anything, it was a free library in every sense of the word. I asked if they would allow Mein Kampf? they said sure! sadly, they didn't know what that was either.

  • FadeToBlack

    Sorry carla, I don't get your approach to 'Mein Kampf'. Are you suggesting that it should not be available to read? While I might not agree with the conclusions of the author, I would at least appreciate the freedom to read it for myself and draw my own conclusions. What about the Koran?

  • millie210

    I noticed in the silver Bible, when you look up Heb 10:25, they took out Matt. 18:20 from the side margin.

    Its there in the red bible but not the silver. I guess they dont want people thinking they can meet in small groups?

  • carla

    While I wasn't comparing the jw's to Hitler my point was this was their own 'little library' on their own private property and they allowed the jw's to put jw literature into the library. This has been a family that was somewhat affected by jw's with a family member (loss of association due to family member becoming a jw). My point was they still had no clue about jw-ism in general and were ignorant of what Mein Kampf was.

    If I decided to put up my own 'little library' (for those who don't know what these are- people make tiny little houses that only hold a small number of books on their property and people can take or leave books, it is still on private property and the owner does have the choice as to what books are in it) no, I would not allow a Koran. The public library is filled with all sorts of ancient texts that people live by. I also would not allow Mein Kampf. I would also toss any Scientology stuff too. I probably would take this book out too; 'Improvised Explosives: How To Make Your Own' but would allow books on 'Bath Bombs; How to Make Your Own'. (before anyone gets their undies in a bunch about that, bath bombs go in the bath tub & fizz and are an enjoyable thing that can also soften your skin) Point is, if it is on my property I can make that choice. People are certainly free to go to the public library. My house my rules.

    Yes, yes, the person who had the jw literature in their own 'little library'- 'their house their rules', I only asked because they were saddened by the loss of company of their loved one due to jw's overtaking the jw's life and to not associate or limit time with non jw's, holidays, etc... and wondered if they knew they were in fact promoting the very thing they were bemoaning.

    I don't like cults. I think they are dangerous and harmful therefore I personally will not distribute their literature, but that is just me. Others are free to do so, obviously.

    People say they can't change the world but in we can in our own little ways. Be it by your pocketbook, writing your govt officials, voting or whatever you can make small changes you believe in. Don't like the way a certain company does business, treats their employees or the earth? then don't buy their product and so on.... Don't like cults? then don't help them get the word out and dispose of the literature they leave out free for the public to do with as they wish. Does not bother my conscience whatsoever to toss out wt rags, books or 'business cards' on public notice boards.

  • FadeToBlack

    @carla: ok, my bad. It is good that you agree people should be able to access some books at the public library that you would not allow in your personal library.

    What if one of your (perhaps hypothectical teenage) children came home from the library with a copy of 'Mein Kampf' having heard about it in history class. Would you allow him/her to read it? Would you want to discuss what they thought about it?

    What if they wanted to read the Koran? Would you allow it? What if they wanted to read the 'bible'?

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    As a curious and voracious reader when I was younger, I was glad that my local library had books like Mein Kampf and the Koran (in English, of course).

  • jws

    My silver bible came from a used book store. In excellent condition and it was there within the first year it was released.

    I guess somebody didn't like the fact that there were no dinosaurs in the inside front cover and got rid of it.

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