Changing Name from Jehovahs witnesses to governing body followers?

by LovingLifeNow 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • LovingLifeNow

    First off, They are not changing there name. But I was thinking this morning that it wouldnt be that far fetched to do so. I mean they could use the spin, " We have so much new light and the times are so close, that we need to be obedient to the FDS," There have been many changes in the organization so we don't want to be associated with the old name, But again more then ever we need to be obedient"

    Think something like this is possible?

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    Why not to "WREPB" ? (Watchtower Real Estate Properties Builders)

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Imminent Sunny End Times Property Developers and Prospectors.

  • sir82

    Not really possible, but the GB would love it, most JWs would happily swallow it, and it would be "truth in advertising".

  • freddo

    No. Even Hitler didn't change the name Nazi to Hitlerites.

  • eyeuse2badub

    If wt truly followed what the bible "clearly" teaches, they should "evidently" be called 'jesus' witnesses"! Any chance that will happen "soooooon" according to bible corny-ology?

    just saying!

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    Yes, they should. Good idea. Instead of Governing body they need to put Satan. Satan is a lier, so is the GB. So Satan followers would be very much appropriate.

  • carla

    I have a friend here who always refers to jw's a wf's, watchtower followers.

  • dozy

    How about - erm...Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania ....

    Says it all really....

  • Giordano

    Well basically the WTBTS is properly named. It is a corporation that was or still is both a publishing house and a real estate holding corporation.

    While it's religion is important to this holding company it is only important for the tax advantage's they enjoy and the contributions they receive from their followers. Otherwise this so called religion is a con much in the same way as the Mormons were, the Christian Scientists and Scientology to name a few who were profit and control motivated.

    There is no other reason for the existence of religions like these....all religions........ in my opinion. What starts out as a representation of a culture with its own traditions quickly grows into a business.

    When the International Bible students left the WT umbrella over Rutherford's take over and policies..... the the WT corporation re-branded itself and their followers as Jehovah's Witnesses. With that name......... they shot themselves in the foot and have to this day been limping along for the past 87 years. Other then some cute muck racking like 1975 they have been a living failure. Using the name Jehovah's Witness requires adding God to the name to inform people who they are talking to. Where as a witnesses of Jesus is easily understood in most of the world.

    Witness's for Jesus or Jesus's Witnesses would have been a more proper name. As there are some 22 references in the NT to being a witness for Jesus and only one OT requirement to be a witness for Jehovah and that only to Isaiah.

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