AUSTRALIA – Artemis Legal launches inquiry into group and class action lawsuits against Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  • cognac

    "but try and see the pain between the words"

    I was thinking about that as I was reading through the thread. I agree with Simon that you don't just get a free pass to do what you want because you are a victim, but, I'm genuinely worried about Umber. I hope she is getting some help.

    Umber - We are on your side. Please reach out to us for help anytime, but more importantly, please reach out to a professional.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The Royal Commission is an enquiry. It is not a court. It can only make recommendations. The quality of evidence tendered before the enquiry does not require the legal rigour of evidence before a court.

    The Commission has recommended that the Australian Government set up a compensation fund of $4 billion, but any decision lies outside the duties or powers of the Commission.

    It can recommend to the Department of Public Prosecution that criminal proceedings should be commenced but the decision whether to do so is solely the prerogative of the Proscutor, not of the Commissioner.

    I suspect there will be opportunists swarming around seeking to make money from these victims. Beware of anything at this early sate. The Commission has only been running for 2 years, and could probably run for a few more. Give it time to make its recommendations.


  • OrphanCrow
    Doug: I suspect there will be opportunists swarming around seeking to make money from these victims. Beware of anything at this early sate. The Commission has only been running for 2 years, and could probably run for a few more. Give it time to make its recommendations.

    Exactly, Doug.

    The Royal Commission has proven itself to be "victim centered". And that is the priority for what is happening with the WTS' institutional investigation. The victim comes first.

    It seems as though many people like the law firm in the OP (and several of the members here) think of this as an opportunistic moment for their own purposes that don't necessarily align with the "victim centered" approach of the Royal Commission.

    Just think - the RC is still collecting testimony and evidence from WT victims. How would a class action lawsuit originating from a law firm not connected to the RC, benefit anyone at this point? Can you not see the harm in having an independent law firm start to collect evidence and then, go to court while the RC is still ongoing?

    I read the promos that the Artemis firm had posted. Huh. They made the claim that they had amassed over 15,000 pages of evidence so far. Well, big deal. So have I. And I am just a nobody. There is that much evidence and more readily available to the public.

  • Diogenesister

    I think simon was just asking for the so called "official Royal Commission list" of (, I guess the assumption was, safe or cleared )lawyers". He asked, reasonably in my opinion, because it was insinuated that using other lawyers might not be the best policy.

    We none of us know what others have been through in the past, some of us share and some don't. Let's therefore give each other a break, not make too many assumptions and maybe try to get the 'sense'of what the other person is actually saying before we wade in!

    Having said that I am as guilty as the next person for being a plonker, but it's especially harsh when something is addressed personally to a moderator - he's damned if he does and he's damned if he doesn't (take it down,that is).

    I fully agree, however, that people should be extremely cautious and yes, if they can, wait until the RC has completed its investigations before approaching lawyers. Anyway I can guarantee that in most countries there will be specialist charaties/helplines set up to give just this kind of advice.

  • Vidiot

    Simon - "You can't go round accusing companies of dishonesty without genuine reasons, especially legal firms."

    Oh, yeah.

    There's regular, garden-variety stupid, and then there's epic, mind-blowing, let's-see-how-many-crayons-fit-up-your-nose stupid.

  • TheListener
    I thought this thread was interesting just because of the fact that law firms are seeing potential in suing the society. Whether that happens now or a couple years from now it will happen and hopefully it will cost the society a ton of money and help the victims who truly need it.
  • Vidiot

    @ TheListener...

    I believe the phrase you're looking for is, "the sharks are smelling blood in the water"...

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I wonder if it would be more advantageous for the Royal Commission to go after the main corporation if the branch can't come up with the funds imposed upon them?
  • OrphanCrow

    For some background information on class action lawsuits in Australia:

    Overview of the Class Action Regime in Australia*:

    *contains a table that lists important differences between Australian and US class action lawsuits

    NB: Australia does not allow contingency fees for lawyers who represent class action plaintiffs. If the lawsuit is lost, the plaintiff pays the defendants' legal costs.

    Funding for class action lawsuits in Australia can come from third party funding:

    The future of litigation funding in class actions: Should it be regulated?

  • sparrowdown

    Whoda thought, Jehovah using the love of unrighteous riches of law firms to tear down the WT case by case.

    God really does work in mysterious ways.

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