The Matrix is Loaded, but with What?

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  • logical

    I just think that they researched all the best stories throughout history and copy bits and ideas that made them successful and that people could identify with and included them when writing their story. Easy way to make it successful.

    Which is precisely what George Lucas did with Star Wars - rise and fall of civilisation, prophecy foretelling the eventual overthrow of wicked oppressive system, and its fulfillment just when it seemed that good would lose out. Simple. The Matrix follows the same formula. You know it will be a last minute thing when the matrix and sentients finally lose, and I am also betting there will be a traitor to the sentients, one who will have sympathy for the humans and will be the ultimate reason the humans win. Coincidentally these are the 2 biggest stories of today which mirror that one in the bible... the best selling book of all time. Just with a modern day / futuristic application. They know what they are doing.

    As for illuminati / nazi or whatever embedded into stuff, well, thats just SO common now its the norm. Ive made posts and been mocked at in thepast on this subject. I am beyond caring, and some of the messages and warnings of stuff that were sent out failed to happen.

  • teejay

    Saw it yesterday. Didn't expect much going in but tried to have an open mind.

    It was better than I thought it would be (I give it a 6) but over all was not impressed. It's one thing to have a vision like the Wachowski brothers obviously have; it's another thing to try to pull it off all by yourself. They should have run the screenplay by a seasoned writer or two, fleshed out the story a bit more, and, IMO, cut back on the hour and a half (slight exaggeration) of fight scenes... scenes that added nothing to the development of the story.

    I'd rather have learned more about The Key Maker, the Frenchman (what's his name?), and the revelation that the Oracle is the Mother of the Matrix. Instead, these complex characters were given their three minutes of screen time while the audience caught its collective breath in anticipation of the next over-done / too-long / gratuitous fight scene. Oh well. Good sci-fi is hard to pull off even once, let alone three times.

    Next anticipated let-down: Terminator 3.

  • Satanus


    Maybe i'll go see it after all. I also don't watch many movies.


  • teejay
    But there are two fight sequences, in a square with Agent Smith whop endlessly replicates himself, and in a mansion with ancient weaponry, these are two of the greatest action sequences ever witnesses on a screen . Mind boggling. – refiners fire

    You oughta get out more, RF.

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