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  • shamus

    Poor ol' Butterknife... he judges people....

    He told me that I was going to die at armageddon... That's not very christian! Oh wait - JW's are christian??? Wow!

  • seven006

    <<<I'm here to learn how our enemies think. >>>

    What a crock.

    Who exempted you from the instructions and warnings of those who you claim speak for god? In your eyes are you above them? Do you set your own agenda according to your own will? Has someone given you this specific task to blow off those who you say are here to guide your spiritual life so that you and you alone can have an insight into what is forbidden? Are you exemplifying Adam and Eve by partaking of the forbidden fruit? Did the talking snake tell you it was all right to post here?

    You are the ultimate example of hypocrisy. You have set yourself up to stroke your own ego so that you have convinced yourself that some of your brain dead brothers might look up to you as something you are not. Why don't you tell your beloved brothers and sisters to come and post on this site themselves? If it is all right for you to do it, it should be for them. What turns on the force field around you that makes it safe for you and unsafe for them? Has your imaginary god spoken directly to you and given you this omnis task?

    The truth is you do not get enough attention in your own little congregation of the feeble minded drones so you appoint yourself into a position of going beyond what you are told so you can be a legend in your own mind. You are a little bit of nothing in your own congregation and by coming here you have exalted yourself into a false sense of importance. You hate being a little nothing of a person and by spewing a few scriptures on this board you think it has put you into a place of importance. You don't get the attention from your little congregation so you crave the attention here. You can care less about answering questions from your brothers and sisters, that's a lie and you know it. You are here for the sake of your own ego and to have a little place to help fill the loneliness in your insignificant little life.

    Any idiot can quote scriptures like a sixth grade child and convince themselves that it means something. By coming on to this site and discussing things with those who your cult says to avoid you have become (in the eyes of you own people) worse than those who openly admit the watchtower society is society of morons and liars. You mock the governing body by deifying their instructions and prove to all of us how flimsy their control is over you and your feeble convictions. Like most other JW's you accept what you want according to how it fits into your own little world and pretend that all other instructions are meant for someone else and do not apply to you. There is one simple word for that "hypocrite."

    Who do you think you are kidding?

  • jgnat
    I have read all the arguments used by Apostates against JWs.

    Not quite. There are thousands of angles and arguments that have not been tried yet. A proper debate includes a clearly defined question, reasoned presentations by both sides, and refutations to the arguments presented by both sides. Avoid name-calling, and stick to the original subject. Then we can say that a subject has been thorougly debated.

    By the way, it took two weeks to come up with a reply to this post. Based on your posts in the last couple of months, hit-and-run clearly appears to be your style. SofJ, should I give up any hope of intelligent debate with you?

  • SwordOfJah

    Mr. Seven, You really crack me up. You call me a hypocrite so that no one will pay attention to the words I speak. You try to belittle my knowledge to discredit anything I say. This way, no matter what I answer to the questions on this thread, people like you will keep saying "hypocrite" , "you shouldn't be here" etc. This is proof that you are evil, am I being judgemental, heck yeah! You are evil, because you post to discredit me, instead of allowing other posters to think things through. You are only mad because Jehovah has sifted you out of his Organization. You can call me whatever name you want. It does not matter to me as you show by your words what is in your heart.

  • SwordOfJah

    Avoid name-calling, and stick to the original subject.

    Are you kidding me? Open your eyes, see the hate in many of the posts toward me. Half of the posters are only trying to shut me up and you dare say that I don't stick with the original subject. I have had some good conversations with some of the posters, I only keep answering to those that show respect and dignity and I try to do the same to them.

  • SheilaM

    Oh and you did not respond to mine because?

  • SwordOfJah


    I will not post on this thread again. It seems that it has become impossible to discuss JW related topics. Childish posters only write insults in order to scare me away. This because I refuse to follow like a robot their confused logic. I am really sorry because many of you are very genuine in your heart. I do think you might be confused because I don't see the ugly things you see in the Organization. I'm sorry that we can't have a good conversation were we can reason and come to an accord. I wish you the best. I know not all of you are apostates, although you might have been labeled that way because of your association. Jehovah does care for you and all of us. He WILL make things right. Don't look at it from your imperfect limited human eyes, but look at things from Jehovah's perfect eyes.

  • seven006

    Wow, you sure put me in my place didn't you? What makes you think I have the power to make others not pay attention to you? All I have done is mention the obvious, them not paying attention to you is by your own doing. I'm sure the thought of people not paying attention to you scares the hell out of your fragile little ego. Just as I thought you would do, and just as any person who knows they do not have the back bone nor the intelligence to say in an adult discussion, you run from the it and blame it on people being mean to you.

    Mommy!!!! "Their not playing the game by my rules so I'm going to take my ball and go home"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where's my damn crying towel?????

    Here's a little clue for you pal, as you say people keep calling you a hypocrite, for a little bit of humorous logic I'll give you this... If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck and you think it's a kangaroo,'re an idiot. If a lot of people told me I was a hypocrite I'd kick back a little and do some real intense self examination. But that's just me, I don't have an iron clad lock on my brain.

    Run Jah boy, it's fun to watch you prairie dog'en.


  • Gerard
    Now when a fellow Witness comes to me with doubts, I know the evil twisted reasonings of apostates and I use that advantage to save my brother. >>>SOJ

    When someone has doubts about their miracle wheat, what do you tell them?

    When someone has doubts about the WT's UN membership do you give them the library card crap?

    When someone asks you how to find Jehovah do tell them to send their prayers to the Alcyone Pleiadic star?

    *** Thy Kingdom Come (SIS vol III) 1891 (1903 edition) p. 327 ***
    [Note: not available on 1993/1995/1999 CD-ROM]

    ... Alcyone , the central one of the renowned Pleiadic stars... Alcyone, then, as far as science has been able to perceive, would seem to be 'the midnight throne' in which the whole system of gravitation has its seat, and from which the Almighty governs his universe ...

    When someone enquires about the (failed) WTprofecies, do you refer them to Thy Kingdom Come?

    Inquiring minds want to know...

  • jgnat

    Me: SofJ, should I give up any hope of intelligent debate with you?

    JofJ: I will not post on this thread again . It seems that it has become impossible to discuss JW related topics.

    Me: I guess the answer is "yes".

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