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  • SwordOfJah

    I'm here to learn how our enemies think. Apostates DO have an advantage against their former brothers. The advantage is that they know how JWs think and what they believe. They know what scriptures the JWs will use to defend their faith. With that advantage, they can simply shut the JW up by saying "I know what you're going to say...". It doesn't make the apostate right, but it will confuse the JW. I am here to turn that advantage around, I have read all the arguments used by Apostates against JWs. Now when a fellow Witness comes to me with doubts, I know the evil twisted reasonings of apostates and I use that advantage to save my brother. Apostates might convince faithless JWs, or JWs with low self-esteem or JWs that are struggling with wanting to conform to the world, but you will never convince or destroy the faith of anyone of my brothers and sisters in the congregation I attend.

  • cruzanheart
    you will never convince or destroy the faith of anyone of my brothers and sisters in the congregation I attend

    And that would be? Since you are obviously a man of great influence in your congregation, I'm sure you wouldn't mind letting us know which one you attend so we too can partake of the spiritual wisdom you bring to your meetings, and let your elders know what a find job you are doing defending your faith on this website.


  • shera
    Now when a fellow Witness comes to me with doubts,

    When I had doubts about the org,it had nothing to do with former JW's.It was all myself and seeing scriptures ,compared to WTS teachings.Later when I did come to these sites,was I correct with my doubts.

    You may like to think we are all your enemies,thats how the WTS wants you to think,we are evil and come to you with lies.Why can't you see the are control here? They tell you were are evil and liars to keep control and to scare people from finding the truth about the WTS. It amazes me,honest people who have been treated horrible because ot the WTS man made rules are said to be evil liars.

  • integ

    I'm so sick and tired of hearing about Jehovah's "enemies", how he is going to exact "divine judgement", how those not following what the guys in Brooklyn say are going to be "destroyed". ETC ETC ETC. Do you really think God plays favorites? I don't. God wants us all to have peace. The old testament where God is killing everybody is not legitimate 'Holy Scripture". It is a record of Jewish society, and a collection of laws. Jw's will say at the podium to look up a scripture in Deuteronomy that prohibits some action, but neglect to follow the scripture that only a few verses later tells us to stone to death a women who is not a virgin or some thing. Let's just pick out the scriptures we like and avoid the others, is the way the watchtower does business. Even the name "sword of Jah" connotes military vengence. The old testament is a crock as far as the way God really wants us to live. Read the New Testament (greek scriptures) to see how Jesus lived, and try to follow His example. 0nly don't tell me God is going to get me , adjust your thinking in htis manner. I am of the "annointed". I just decided.



  • SwordOfJah

    Integ: Didn't Jesus quote from the Hebrew Scriptures?

    shera: I don't need the Society to tell me that apostates are evil. I clearly see it on this forum.

  • happyout

    Good going SOJ!! You just proved my point. You said apostates are evil, and you see it from this site. YET HERE YOU ARE!!! What about all the "quit mixing in" and "do not even speak a greeting so such a one" admonitions you regularly receive from the WTS? You, apparently, think you are above their guidance, and therefore you disregard their direction. That makes you JUST LIKE US!!! So get off your high horse, you hypocrite, and accept that you are what you are supposedly preaching against. You are someone who thinks you are above the direction of the society, and if you went to your body of elders and told them you were here, at the very least you would be reproved, and then if you insisted on staying you would be disfellowshipped.

    How do you think your God feels about your disobeying his earthly organization???


  • borgfree


    As I said in another thread, I am glad you are here and will discuss the scriptures, but, keep in mind this scripture:

    Isaiah 5:20

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
  • larc

    Sword of Jah,

    I left the religion before the internet and before books were written about JWs. What prompted my leaving was the reading of older JW publications. The number of zany ideas were just incredable. SoJ are familiar with the crazy history of your religion? Any comments on Beth Sarim, Beth Shan, The Great Pyramid, organ transplants, 1925, the seven bowls of revelation, the king of the north and south, and the watchtower's association with the UN?

    By the way, in what particular way am I evil?

  • hillary_step


    By the way, in what particular way am I evil?

    If you were 'good' Larc, you would be a Jehovah's Witness, as you are not a Jehovah's Witness, you are obviously 'evil'. Sword of course is 'good' as he is a Jehovah's Witness. See how simple God has made worshipping him.

    I cannot understand why you do not follow this obvious


  • SheilaM

    How am I evil Sword ?

    Thunder and I are not DA or DF you are speaking to a "Sister" and calling me evil. What would Jehovah think? Just because I left because of their lack of love shown to my husband when he was hurt. Why would I stay in a religion so lacking in love which is a sign that the holy spirit no LONGER resides there? My husband was raised in the Truth and has a problem with them harboring pedophiles how is that wrong?


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