Quake an bethel tours!

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  • Dubby


    never played online before. I've no clue how to do it. I have Unreal, but have never played Unreal Tournament. Actually, I've only played the Quake 3 demo.

  • Simon

    I've played once or twice but not for a while. It's good fun - a lot better againt human opponents.

  • BackseatDevil

    okay, so don't judge me because in the story i totally redeem myself (i promise), but i'm currently writing about my experiences as a gay jehovah's witness, and part of that was going to bethel. so I had to share this paragraph I am working on:

    "The idea is to seclude the workers off from the extranious by keeping them unable to experience anything on the outside. In rare occasions like James and Aaron, the parents would provide some sort of supplemental help either through checks or with a credit card. Care packages like those sent from Amber and the twins would always include goodies to eat, fun things to read, and a check. All the brothers in the computer department were on rotation to give tours to visitors and James eventually became a regular. At the end of each tour some brother (or brothers) would shake his hand and slip him $40 or $60, and that could be from multiple people in just one tour group. Little old ladies were sweet, but they would only slip $5 or $10, and somehow that just seemed absurd to James. Still he smiled, and was thankful that each of them to spend all this money to come visit the Watchtower Farms in the middle of fucking no where, and still be generous enough to part with five dollars.

    And it was that point that James officially realized how Bethel changes someone."

    SORRY. i had to share.



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