Quake an bethel tours!

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  • Zep

    Just went over to witnet...dont know why?, but i got a little laugh out of the fact that theres a big ad at the top of the page for QUAKE II eh?! of all games....If your've ever played it, you'll know its pretty violent, you could even say demonic!, atleast thats how the GB would put it i reckon!.Some how i just cant imagine all these dubs ditting down playing this type of game....imagine it would be a big NO NO.
    On anther topic, whats with these Bethel tours they're always advertising over there abyway?, anyone been on one, i mean what would be the attraction....whatever happened to disney land?

  • Frenchy

    You can go to the headquarters and request a tour of the facilities. They'll appoint a guide to lead you through the printing factory and even the living quarters. It's also possible to tour the farm and the printing facility at Wallkill where the magazines are printed out. You can also tour Patterson and back when the WTS still owned the Stanley Theater you could tour that also. I've been to all those places and I found it quite interesting.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • Zep

    The farm?????....what do they need a farm for, i thought they just printed books and stuff.
    I take it they're into being self suffient and all!

  • waiting

    Hey, Zep,

    The tours are interesting, I took one about 20 yrs. ago. Some people go with there, and are encouraged to do so, regularily.

    I never thought it strange. However, someone from another religion remarked to me that JWs make "pilgrimages" to JW factories while Catholics make pilgrimages to Cathedrals, etc.

    I think the person was a Baptist and doesn't "pilgrimage" to anywhere. But I could be wrong about that point. I guess going to marvel at some new printing presses would look odd to outsiders, huh?

  • Simon

    Quake II ! That's terrible !!
    Everyone knows Quake III is a much better game

    I know some people who visited the US and went on the bethel tours...came back very disallusioned

  • Dubby

    I think it would be interesting to tour Beth-Sarim or the old buildings that Russell used.

    By the way, I like bloody video games, too. Simon's right, Quake 3 rules!

    Simon, have you played Carmageddon, or Carmageddon- Carpocalypse Now? Those are my favorite games. I also like Motocross Madness and Motoracer.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

  • RedhorseWoman

    I used to love going on those tours.....great way to meet brothers.

  • Simon

    Yes, Carmageddon !
    But the best is Command & Conquer...why don't we all organise an online game of something sometime ?

  • Zep

    Quake III...give it a rest, from what i've seen Unreal tournament blows that stuff away!..but what would i know, i just a crappy AMD 300 with 825MB of HD space...runs hopeless!
    Half life is the best PC game i've played....and GTA2, which would also have to be the sickest one round!

  • Zep

    I guess going to marvel at some new printing presses would look odd to outsiders, huh?

    >>You got that Waiting....but it doesn't matter, maybe in another 400 years Bethel will have the same aura as Mecca eh!

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