WTS investment in Ford-Werke - 1943

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  • OrphanCrow
    fisherman: ...the related document posted on this thread was used on this thread to misrepresent that the WT wrongfully invested in the Ford-Werke

    Actually, fisherman, it was an error. Just a simple error...nothing deliberate. I don't usually post things without checking it out first and this time...I erred. I was lazy.

    Not at all deliberate, I assure you.

    But...it is interesting that the WTS had over 8 million in today's dollar invested in the German branch and that they had been established in Germany since 1903.

    They made "the list" of American companies with significant investment in Germany during the war

  • JHK


    I'm sorry. I maked a mistake.

  • Fisherman

    Actually, fisherman, it was an error.... OC

    OC, I understood, that is why when I quoted you in my last post I bolded your apology. I also make errors, sometimes all of the time.

  • Listener
    Fisherman - sometimes all of the time.

    Good one, I might use that with my husband who is always right, except when he's wrong.
  • Vidiot

    Fisherman - "...I also make errors, sometimes all of the time."

    I'm wrong all the time. In fact, I'm wrong even right now.

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