WTS investment in Ford-Werke - 1943

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  • GermanXJW

    But still an interesting find.

  • prologos

    sorry to have fallen into the "bash the wt mode" when it was not justified. Jws on the ground in 1943 id their level best not to contribute to the workings of the war machine.

  • EdenOne

    How could the WT had made an "investment" in their German branch in 1943 (in the middle of WW2) and that not being considered high treason? Plus, wasn't the Bethel in Magdeburg seized by the Nazis even way before 1939? How could money be send to Germany in 1943? Or is it a compounded figure? Something doesn't check.

  • Mephis

    The investment could date all the way back to 1903 according to the table. Think of it as assets of American companies held by Nazi Germany as of 1943.

  • Fisherman

    WT movement is about advertising the kingdom (math 24:14) AS it turns out, it takes a lot of money to do that but CTR left his personal fortune to the WT and a lot of other people donate stocks and investments and non liquid assets- but besides the investments all consumption of the money goes to the world wide work and how the money is ultimately used is what matters to me and not because the wt makes money work to make more money.

  • JHK

    Where is the theological foundation to invest in production of weapons for the Nazi army?

    Was there an entente between God and Hitler?

  • Fisherman

    invest in production of weapons for the Nazi army?

    It seems to me that it would not be proper for God's Organization to voluntarily give money to someone to be used for the exclusive purpose of producing objects to be used in warfare- but it has not been shown that the wt actually did that. Case in point: The wt receives contributions of such like stocks or the wt made an investment in a company that at the time of the investment was not involved in the production of weapons.

    So: no connection between Watchtower and Ford, except they are on the same list

  • hoser

    If it was true that watchtower owned part of ford it would explain the unreliability of their automobiles.

  • JHK


    Ford-Werke AG later Ford-Werke GmbH[edit]

    A Luftwaffe Ford-Lkw V3000, Italy, 1943

    The company was re-organised in 1939 and changed its name to Ford-Werke.[4] With the outbreak of the War, car production continued at first with the Taunus being made until 1942 but increasingly military production took over. Ford-Werke built trucks and armored personnel carriers for the German armed forces. The company also manufactured the V3000 V-8 truck series. Most notably, Ford-Werkemanufactured the turbines used in the V-2 rockets.[9]

  • Fisherman

    JHK: As indicated by the posters quoted below, the related document posted on this thread was used on this thread to misrepresent that the WT wrongfully invested in the Ford-Werke. Your post about Ford-Weke does not show otherwise.

    The Watchtower Society was invested in the German branch of Ford Motor. In 1943, their investment was worth $597,595 ($8,363,677.95 in today's value - over 8 million!). OC
    This is a list of the TOP 59 US companies in Germany in 1943. This table just shows that the US Watch Tower had invested $597,595 in their German subsidiary and that is was the 47th biggest US investment in Germany present in that year. So: no connection between Watchtower and Ford, except they are on the same list- GermanXJW
    Well...I apologize. Damn That will teach me for just reading someone else's conclusions...So sorry.You guys are absolutely right...and the reddit poster (and me...) are wrong OC

    As also noted by OC in another post on this thread, however, 598,000.00 was a lot of money to have in 1945, not to mention such sum being spare money to have riding on some investment- not that there is anything wrong with that.

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